Super Highlights Kumkum Bhagya and more lined

Kumkum Bhagya Rhea exposed Abhi moved by truth

Super Highlights Kumkum Bhagya and more lined Abhi tries to hire a lawyer for Prachi. His lawyer denies to take the case, since its a critical case. He asks Abhi not to get related to Prachi, maybe she isn’t innocent and really deals in drugs. Abhi can’t tolerate a word against Prachi. He gets too raged when the lawyer gives him silly advises against the case. Abhi tells the lawyer that Prachi is like his daughter and no parent can leave a child in danger knowing the risk. Abhi asks Vikram to find the best lawyer for Prachi.

The lawyer calls Abhi foolish to get involved in a drug peddling case and put his reputation at stake. He tells Abhi that no lawyer would be able to help since all the evidences are against Prachi. Abhi breaks down and finds another person in a similar state, who needs help desperately. He comes across Pragya after a long time. They get too close to avoid the chances of hit and miss.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan:

Rivaaj becomes Mayura’s target. Mayura makes her first move. She doesn’t want to wait more. She wants to snatch Rivaaj’s status and power. She wants to initiate her plans. She is sure that Rivaaj can’t keep her away from her family. She scares Rivaaj during the shooting. Rivaaj vents his anger on his assistant. Mayura scares him and makes him believe that Rani’s ghost is haunting him. Rivaaj recalls Rani’s death. Premlata doubts Rukmani. Rukmani will make a re-entry in Rivaaj’s life.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Kainat plans to kill Saltanat to stop the marriage. Saltanat goes for cooking on the stove which is loaded with explosives. Saltanat gets Zaroon’s call and gets saved in nick of the moment. The house blasts because of the explosives. The neighbors inform Rubina and Zainab, who come to Saltanat’s house for a pre-marriage ritual. The mothers get shocked seeing Saltanat’s house on fire. They call the fire brigade and try to get the situation under control. Zaroon and Saltanat stay safe.

Miyajaan feels guilty on hearing the incident news. He realizes his mistake of risking their lives by separating them from the family. He decides to forgive them. Kainat’s plan backfires. Miyajaan gets Saltanat and Zaroon home and declares their marriage. Zainab locks up Kainat in the room. Kainat celebrates and dances thinking Saltanat is dead. Kainat then gets the news that Saltanat is very much alive.

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