Yeh Rishta Tonight Akshara connects Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Tonight Akshara connects Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Tonight Akshara connects Kartik and Naira Kartik misses Naira and talks to her photo. He tells her that he can never give her place to anyone. Kairav finds Naira dancing. She dances to vent her pain out. Kairav thinks she is very happy to meet Kartik in Udaipur and that’s why she is dancing. He records a video and thinks to share it with Kartik. Kartik fails to see the video, because of Vedika, who interrupts at the same instant. He doesn’t understand anything. Dadi tells Kartik and Vedika that Pandit has given the marriage date. She tells Vedika that they will start preparing for the marriage right away. Kartik misses seeing Naira in the video. He worries when Dadi gets exertion again. He asks her to take rest. He calls a doctor for her check-up.

He wants Dadi to get fit and fine so that she can dance in his marriage. Dadi tells him that she will not die until she sees his son. Dadi makes Vedika wear the ancestral bangles. She blesses Kartik and Vedika. Kartik gets in a dilemma by Dadi’s new wish of a great-grandchild. Kartik is sad while everyone gives him best wishes. Vedika finds Kartik sorrowful and is unhappy too. Akhilesh wonders if Naira is informed about Kartik’s remarriage. He wants to leave the decision on Naira, so that she returns to them or prefers to stay away with her son by her own wish.

He doesn’t want to tell Kartik about Naira’s existence thinking everything happened for a reason. He decides to leave it on fate. He feels he has done his duty by informing Naira. Kartik imagines Naira, who asks him to move on by forgetting her. Kartik gets stressed. He doesn’t know how will he forget Naira. Naira dances in anger and gets hurt. Kairav asks her to take care of herself. He tells her that they will go to Udaipur until she gets fine. Naira gets emotional and apologizes to him. She calls off her plans and makes an excuse for the foot injury. She tells her friend that Kartik moved on and now she shouldn’t go back to him.

She wants to move on as well. She cries seeing Kartik’s picture and thinks to free Kartik for once and all. She keeps his picture and seals her thoughts also. She bids a farewell to Kartik again. She wants to participate in the dance competition and earn money for Kairav’s future. Kartik is the competition organizer. He is keeping the dance competition to boost Akshara dance academy.

Akshara becomes a link between Kartik and Naira once again. He speaks to his manager and asks him to conduct two preliminary rounds in Delhi. He wants the final round to be conducted in Udaipur.

He misses Naira. Naira tells her friend that she will head to Delhi and make Kairav’s future. She tells about getting a job in the dance academy as well. She is ready to do anything to secure Kairav. Bhabhimaa finds Vedika crying and missing her dad. Vedika doesn’t know who will do her Kanyadaan. Bhabhimaa consoles her and tells her that she will be doing her Kanyadaan. She bonds with Vedika. Kartik feels everyone is moving on and its time he also moves on. Naira joins the academy as a dance teacher. She misses Kartik and sheds tears.

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