Silsila Mishaan Moments of Joy Finally

Silsila Mishaan Moments of Joy Finally

Silsila Mishaan Moments of Joy Finally Radhika gets Ruhaan and Mishti married. She gets emotional on Mishti’s Bidaai. Radhika sheds tears and asks Ruhaan where is he going and when. Ruhaan surprises the family by telling them that he isn’t going far with Mishti, he has bought a flat in the same building. Ruhaan jokes on their filmi melodrama and tear shed. Radhika gets happy knowing Mishti will be living so close. Pari and Ansh steal Ruhaan’s shoes to demand some cash as per the ritual. The family spends some light moments. Ruhaan takes them to the neighbouring flat. He names it Mishaan with love. He tells Radhika that he wants Mishti to stay close and spread happiness.

Radhika feels proud of Ruhaan. He plans Mishti’s homecoming in a super sweet way, surprising her. Ruhaan and Mishti finally live their life with love and begin a new phase. They get into cute fights of a married couple. They find chances to romance. The family interrupts their romance, and come over to their house anytime all day for little things. Ruhaan gets tired of the loving family.

Arnav promises to always support Pari as her true friend. Arnav joins the little get together with Pari’s family. Pari doesn’t want any financial issues to crop between Mishti and her relation. She gives up her rights on the property. She wants everything to be the same like before. The family achieves their awaited happiness.

Also read, Shakti: During Harman and Mahi’s Mehendi ceremony, the Mehendi designer asks Soumya to write Harman’s name on Mahi’s hand with Mehendi. It was Preeto’s small conspiracy to hurt Soumya. She asks her to write his name on Mahi’s hand. Even Vedant asks her to write. Soumya is forced to write Harman’s name on Mahi’s hand.

Preeto asks Soumya to dance and says she dances really well. Soumya dances and gets emotional. Saya finds out that Soumya and Vedant aren’t married. When she comes to inform Harman, Vedant stops and threatens her.

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