Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Arijit fails Ishita’s superb plotting

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Arijit fails Ishita's superb plotting

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Arijit fails Ishita’s superb plotting Simmi takes the sleeping pill for Ishita to calm her down. Arijit wants to see if Ishita is genuinely losing control on her mental balance or faking it. He asks Simmi if he can meet Ishita once. Mani and Ishita continue the drama to fool the family. Arijit asks Ishita if he can talk to her once. Mani attends Arijit. The family sees Ishita in a shattered and raged up state. Ishita refuses to drink the juice and asks Simmi not to poison her. Arijit asks her to discuss about the project launch. Ishita doesn’t listen and plays the same drama of insanity.

Karan calls the doctor to testify Ishita insane so that they can shift Ishita to the mental asylum. Karan and Ruhi explain the family that they have to shift Ishita to asylum for the treatment which is very much necessary for her. The family agrees when the doctor affirms this. The family sheds tears for Ishita. They can’t tolerate the sight that they are sending the family’s big support Ishita away. Ruhi cries for Ishita. Arijit watches the family breaking down in tears. He gets happy. Ishita thanks the doctor for her help. The doctor is happy to help since Ishita has made many favors on her before. Karan wants to stay back to help Ishita.

Ishita doesn’t want their hidden enemy to doubt them. She asks Karan not to come to pick her, else the enemy will get alert. She wants to stay in touch with him by phone. She sends Karan home. Karan and Mani break the good news to the family that Raman is alive and Ishita didn’t lose her mental balance. They tell that Ishita isn’t mentally ill, she is playing a drama to trick the enemy and find Raman. The family gets too happy knowing this. They worry for Ishita who is taking a big risk. Ishita doesn’t take the strong medicines. Arijit wants to check if she is really mentally sick.

Arijit plans to kidnap Ishita and then changes his mind. He already learns her mental drama plan. He wants to turn Ishita really mad. He kidnaps the doctor’s daughter and compels her to follow his orders. He thinks Ishita learnt about Raman and is acting smart. The family think for Ishita’s welfare and pray for her. Arijit finds Raman escaping. He takes Raman back to the house and asks him to never try to escape again.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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