Yeh Rishta Latest Terrifying moment for Naira

Yeh Rishta Latest Terrifying moment for Naira

Yeh Rishta Latest Terrifying moment for Naira Naira tells Kairav about the festive which she celebrated with Goenkas always. She tells that ladies enjoy this function a lot. She misses Kartik and recalls the old celebrations moment. She feels sorry to keep him away from Kartik. She is doing everything to ease Kartik’s decision of moving on. On the other hand, Kartik asks Dadi to get fine soon. He tells her that he is doing everything for her sake so that she stays happy and fine. He tells that marriage is close and she has to manage everything. She asks him if he is marrying for the sake of her happiness. She tells him that arranged marriages are also successful. She asks him if he is feeling compelled by her decision.

She wants him to be happy. She tells him that she wants to see his children. She is happy that he is marrying Vedika. He feeds her the medicines. Dadi permits Vedika to celebrate Saawan Milni festive. Vedika gets ahead with the celebrations.

Suwarna is worried and tells Manish that Akhilesh-Surekha and Samarth-Gayu’s relations are not fine. She cries that the relations aren’t stable. Manish asks her about Gayu. She tells him that Samarth and Gayu are having fights because of Vansh. She feels Gayu isn’t happy. She misses Naira, who could have handled the house well and maintained peace.

Manish asks her not to keep hope that Naira will return. Suwarna tells him that she will always have the hope since they didn’t get Naira’s dead body, maybe she is alive. He thinks Naira is dead and she will not return to them ever. He asks her not to trouble those who are alive. Naira celebrates with Kairav and dances happily. She then breaks down into tears. She misses Kartik deeply. Akhilesh finds Kartik upset. He wants to know why isn’t Naira responding to the news. He wants to know from his girlfriend if Naira decided anything. Kartik misses Naira and breaks down. Suwarna asks Kartik to move on and not miss Naira, which can upset Vedika. She asks him to keep his responsibility towards Vedika.

Kartik doesn’t know why Naira left him. Suwarna asks him not to live in past. Kairav consoles Naira and asks her to meet Kartik. She tells him that they should first celebrate the festive. Kartik imagines Naira’s return in his life, and they celebrate the festival together. Kairav collapses suddenly, which leaves Naira terrified.

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