Zee Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Kundali and more

Zee Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Kundali and more

Zee Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Kundali and more Abhi comes to meet Prachi and assures her that he will get her out of the jail. He is restless as she is in the lock-up. Prachi asks him to talk to her mother who is sitting outside and asks him to tell her not to take tension. She asks him to assure her mother that he will free her (Prachi) from lock-up. She says she gets tensed very soon and if you talk to her then she will feel good. Abhi comes out but doesn’t see Pragya as she is standing in the corner. Abhi hires a lawyer to bail out Prachi.

Raja Beta:

Pankhudi tells Purva that she might have seen someone else if Dr. Vedant told that he is not here. Purva is sure that she saw Rahul. Pankhudi thinks Purva shall not know Rahul is in the city else this will ruin her plan. She asks Sanju to get Dada ji’s books about pulse reading and says there may be some books or notes which he must have left. Ramesh asks what you will do with it. Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant’s strength is the Dada ji’s teachings, so its weakness will also be in the same book. Sanju comes to Vedant’s room secretly and finds the book on pulse reading, gifted by Dada ji to Vedant. He thinks this book might help Pankhudi. Purva comes there and asks Sanju what is he doing here? He tells that he came to get a book from Vedant.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani dances with the fishermen and the fisher women to divert their attention. Malhar tells that they have to search Moksh. Sampada calls the lady and asks her to take Moksh in the shop in any circumstances. The lady says I am ready and taking him to shop. She secretly takes Moksh in the basket. Sampada hides her face to go to the ship. The lady takes Moksh right in front of Kalyani, but she doesn’t see. Everyone search for Moksh. Moksh is taken to the ship.

Kundali Bhagya:

Prithvi tries to stop Preeta from donating blood to Mahesh, but Preeta goes ahead and gives her blood to Mahesh. She asks Nurse not to tell anyone that she is donating her blood. Karan is coming there, but Sherlyn stops him. Preeto hears Sherlyn calling him and hides behind the bed. Karan tells Nurse that blood is arranged. Nurse says it is not needed now as someone donated the blood. Karan asks who? Nurse says some generous person. Karan says I can’t return his favor ever and wishes to thank the blood donor. Misunderstanding increases between Preeta and Karan. He misunderstands Preeta.

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