YRKKH Kartik and Naira Close connection twist

YRKKH Kartik and Naira Close connection twist

YRKKH Kartik and Naira Close connection twist Naira requests the doctor to perform her tests since she isn’t able to get the old reports. She asks the doctor to attend Kairav and make him fine. The doctor asks her to arrange the medical reports since its very important to study Kairav’s case. She tells Naira that she can take Kairav home once he gets conscious. Naira decides to go to Udaipur. Meanwhile, Kartik selects the engagement ring on Dadi’s saying. He sees a blue stone ring chosen by Vansh and recalls Naira. He realizes that Naira got such similar ring for him before. He misses Naira. Vansh asks Kartik where did his old ring go.

Kartik gets emotional. Vansh reminds him of Naira. Samarth scolds him and sends him away, which upsets Gayu. Kartik asks Dadi to select the ring on his behalf. He leaves the things on Dadi. He goes from there in a broken state. Vedika feels sorry for him. Gayu gets worried that Samarth and Vansh’s relation isn’t getting better. She tells Suwarna that she can’t ignore this matter, Kartik can never give Naira’s place to Vedika, which will lead to another wrong marriage in Goenka family. Dadi gets angry that Gayu is badly eyeing their happiness. She doesn’t want Gayu to interfere in their family matters.

Suwarna tells Dadi that Gayu was just explaining them the unforeseen circumstances. She also thinks that Kartik won’t be able to accept Vedika as his wife. Dadi doesn’t want Suwarna or Gayu to decide anything. Dadi tells Suwarna that she knows Kartik the most and she is sure that Kartik will be happy with Vedika. Suwarna knows that Kartik didn’t forget Naira yet. Dadi doesn’t want Gayu to brainwash Suwarna. Dadi keeps a ritual for Kartik and Vedika. She makes them perform the puja. Naira gets Kairav to Udaipur. She wants to collect the medical reports and leave for Goa. Kairav is happy to meet Kartik.

He tells Naira that they will meet Kartik soon. Naira starts imagining Kartik and feels sorry that her love story is felt incomplete. She gets emotional in her dream. She goes to the hospital to get her medical history. The doctor identifies her and wants to know if Naira is alive. Naira tricks the doctor. She gets worried that she has to get the doctor’s permission. Naira cries recalling the times when Kartik and she faced their life’s tough phase. She thinks she has conquered over her illness just because of Kartik’s love.

Kartik gets angry seeing the engagement preparations. Dadi wants to remove Naira’s photos and belongings from Kartik’s room. Kartik can’t see this happening. Kairav wants to meet Kartik at his house. Naira’s friend lies to him about Kartik. Naira wishes to get her reports. Kartik gets a crucial clue which leads to the good news that Naira is alive. He rushes to find if his thought is true.

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