Star Plus Quick Snips Yeh Rishtey and Kahaan Hum

Kahaan Hum Star Plus Rohit Sonakshi big sacrifice

Star Plus Quick Snips Yeh Rishtey and Kahaan Hum Pooja and Rohit shout on Sonakshi for stooping low and risking Pooja’s dignity. Sonakshi tells Rohit that she can understand Pooja’s pain, she can never do anything wrong with Pooja. She wants to console Pooja. He tells her that Pooja has seen her damaging the dress. Sonakshi clarifies that she has not done anything with Pooja’s dress. Rohit doesn’t believe her. He asks her to just see Pooja’s state and admit her mistake. She tells him that she isn’t at fault. Rohit scolds her for being so insensitive. They get into a fight and insult each other. Sonakshi tells him that she just wanted to help Pooja. Rohit accuses Sonakshi and Suman. He tells her that she has ruined his life. Sonakshi also feels that she is facing problems because of his family.

He tells her that she has taken revenge on him. Sumit enjoys their fight. He thinks Sonakshi and Rohit made fun of him and now they are into a fight. He wants Pooja to get more insulted so that Sonakshi and Rohit’s terms get spoiled. Sippy’s go back home. Yash learns whatever happened with Pooja. He hugs her and asks her to forget everything. She is worried for her defamation. She cries a lot. Naren tells her that he won’t let anything happen. He wants to stop the media from spreading the news. He consoles Pooja. He doesn’t want to spare Sonakshi if she is really at fault. The family try to cheer up Pooja. Rohit is upset seeing Pooja.

Veena doesn’t think Sonakshi can do this. Rohit thinks Veena is being emotional. Yash also has a belief in Sonakshi. Rohit turns upset. Pari is upset that she has changed the dress. She feels guilty. Sonakshi asks her why is she upset when she has won. Pari admits that she had changed Pooja’s dress, this would have happened with her on stage if she had worn the dress. Sonakshi thinks she would have not tolerated Pari’s sorrow. She wonders what is Rohit going through. She asks Pari not to tell this to Suman. She tries to know who has done this. She doubts on Sumit and Karan. She takes a disguise to find the truth. She tries reaching Rohit to get his help. Rohit gets revengeful against Sonakshi.

Star Plus Quick Snips Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:

Varsha is happy that Kunal and Kuhu are getting engaged. Nanu announces that Abir and Mishti are good friends. He gives the Sangeet responsibilities to them. Kuhu and Kuhu exchange the rings. Everyone is happy for them. Mishti apologizes to Abir. They have a talk on the video call. She wants to apologize to Kunal for being rude to him. Abir feels her talk was justified. He asks her if she is ready to answer him. Kuhu and Kunal are on a coffee date. Kunal is happy that Kuhu is so supportive. Kuhu tells him that she is happy that he has ended ties with Shweta. He feels upset. He tells Kuhu that someone is blackmailing him about Shweta.

Kuhu wants to know who is doing this. He names Mishti. He blames Mishti for breaking their relation. Kuhu doesn’t think that Mishti has done this. She believes that Mishti loves her family a lot. Kunal brainwashes her. He talks to Abir and then makes Kuhu believe him. Kuhu doesn’t want to question Mishti. Parul asks Meenakshi why is she doing this with Kunal when she loves him so much. She feels Meenakshi dislikes Kuhu. She asks Meenakshi not to break Kunal’s heart. Meenakshi states that she can do anything for her family. She asks Parul not to worry.

She asks Shweta to frame Mishti. Kuhu checks Mishti’s email on Kunal’s saying. Rajshri wakes up Mishti. She tells that Abir has come home. Mishti gets ready. Abir and Mishti get worried seeing Kunal and Shweta’s picture.

Shweta sends the man to their house. The man frames Mishti as the blackmailer. Abir can’t believe this. Meenakshi gets a chance to ruin Mishti’s name.


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