Yeh Rishta Upcoming twist initiated by Kairav

Yeh Rishta Upcoming twist initiated by Kairav

Yeh Rishta Upcoming twist initiated by Kairav Kartik misses Naira a lot. He thinks of her all the time. He wishes the past didn’t become the past. He wanted her to be his future always. He cries seeing the frog soft toy. He can’t forget Naira. He can’t give her place to anyone in his life. He doesn’t want to marry Vedika. He just wants to live in Naira’s memories. Kartik stays alone in the dark room and sheds tears. On the other hand, Naira is worried that she needs the medical card to get her medical history. She doesn’t have her medical card. She wonders how will she get it to get the reports in time. Naira worries that she has to find some way.

She can’t go home, since the family would know about her existence. She remembers that Kartik had stored all her reports on the mail. She checks the mail back to get the reports. She wishes that the mail is still working. She logs in the mail to get the reports. She gets happy that she got the reports. Vansh is happy that Kartik is getting married to Vedika. He tells Kartik that he will dance a lot in his baraat. Kartik plays with him. He is upset. Vansh tells him about the mail notification. Kartik gets surprised knowing this. He checks the mail and wonders who has logged in the mail. He knows that Naira knew the account details.

He wants to know who has logged into his mail. He seeks help from his friend. He tracks the IP and rushes to the location to know the hacker. He gets restless. He hopes that maybe Naira is alive. Bhabhimaa, Suwarna and Gayu miss Naira. They remove Naira’s stuff from Kartik’s room. They talk of Naira and the past. Vedika finds them crying and asks them not to remove the things, since she knows Naira’s importance in their lives. She doesn’t want Naira’s memories to get thrown out. She asks them to let the things be as it is. Kartik reaches the hotel to know about the hacker. Naira downloads her reports. She gets happy that she has finally got the reports.

She doesn’t want Kartik to doubt on her. She gets emotional reading Kartik’s message. She learns that Kartik didn’t wish to get separated from her. She cries and realizes that Kartik still loves her. She doesn’t want to fall weak. She thinks to go to Kairav soon. Kartik tries to track her. Naira goes to the hotel room. Kartik and Naira have a hit and miss. He wants to see the person accessing his mails. He doesn’t want anyone to check Naira and his memories. He tries to see the CCTV footage.

Naira informs the doctor that she has got the reports. Doctor suggests her the specialist and asks her to take Kairav along. Naira doesn’t want to take any risk. She takes Kairav to the doctor. Kartik and Vedika visit the same doctor, who happens to be Vedika’s doctor. They meet the doctor to invite her in the engagement. Naira and Kairav come face to face with Kartik again. Naira hides from him, while Kairav runs to meet Kartik. Naira tries hard to stop Kairav, but they eventually meet.

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