Kasautii Zindagii Bygone enemy to strike Anurag again

Kasautii Anurag conquers Bajaj; Prerna in dilemma

Kasautii Zindagii Bygone enemy to strike Anurag again Prerna misses Anurag. She doesn’t want Anurag to hurt himself. She wants to explain him that she is Mr. Bajaj’s wife now and she can never fulfill Anurag’s wish. Anurag wants to explain her that he will take her home some how. He loves her a lot. They both are in a big dilemma. Mr. Bajaj starts liking Prerna, since she possesses special qualities. Prerna gets attacked by some goons suddenly. She collapses down. Anurag happens to see this and rushes to save her. Anurah bashes the goons. He protects his lady love. He takes her in the car.

Mr. Bajaj waits for her and thinks its too late, maybe Anurag is bothering her. He goes to find Prerna. He finds Anurag taking Prerna in an unconscious state. He wonders why is Anurag stooping so low and crossing his limits. He doesn’t want to spare Anurag. Meanwhile, Nivedita is jealous and angry. She tells Anupam that she doesn’t like him to be with any girl. He tells her that he just loves her, he was intentionally growing her jealous. He wants her to admit her love. She admits that she loves him. He gets too happy that she has finally confessed her love. She angrily tells how much she hates him now.

He wants to make up for his mistake. Prerna gains consciousness and finds Anurag. She reprimands him for kidnapping her. He calls her mad to think so. He accepts that he kidnapped her and wants to take her along. She slaps him and asks him to accept the truth. He reminds that she had challenged his marriage with Komolika and didn’t care for the society before. He tells her that Komolika or Mr. Bajaj, none can come between them. He expresses his love for her. He can do anything to get her back. She asks him to not mess up with Mr. Bajaj.

He reminds her how she had always opposed Komolika to get him back. He wants to do the same and challenge her marriage. She asks him to realize the changed situation. He is sure to get her love back. Mr. Bajaj informs the police about Anurag kidnapping Prerna. He wants Anurag to get punished. Anupam apologizes to Nivedita. He stops her from leaving him alone. He admits his plans to get her attention. He tells her that he loves her a lot and wanted to know if she loves him too.


p style=”text-align: justify”>Prerna wants to trick Anurag and run away. Anurag finds the kidnappers. He asks Prerna to hide with him. He tells her that she had got kidnapped and he just rescued her. She doesn’t believe him. She asks who will kidnap her in Zurich. They get to face Ronit and his enmity again. They try to get saved from Ronit’s goons. Anurag wants to know Ronit’s motives behind the kidnapping. Mr. Bajaj tracks them and wants them separated.

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