Watch Nimki Mukhiya Rocking Angry Avatar Promo

Watch Nimki Mukhiya Rocking Angry Avatar Promo

Watch Nimki Mukhiya Rocking Angry Avatar Promo Nimki feels upset and asks Babbu to take her to have icecream. Vimla agrees with Mahua. She feels she should have not forgiven Babbu. She asks Mahua to understand Nimki’s sorrow and pain. She tells Mahua that Nimki has forgiven Babbu, she has a very big heart. Mahua tells Tunne that she can’t forgive Babbu. She scolds him and asks him to support Nimki if he wants. She is much angry that Nimki has forgotten Babbu’s crimes. She thinks Nimki has got greedy for power. She doesn’t want to give any vote to Nimki and Babbu. Monu overhears Mahua and Tunne’s conversation. Rituraj asks Tetar to make a new plan against Nimki, who would not be sitting quiet either. Rituraj makes a plan.

Sweety tells them that they can plan nothing against Nimki, who is much superior to them in every term. Monu comes to meet Nimki, which angers Anaro. She ill treats Monu and throws him out. Monu wishes to meet Nimki once. Sweety tells him that Nimki and Babbu have gone out. Anaro gets angered on Monu. Tetar and Rituraj insult Nimki and laugh on him. Monu doesn’t want to go without meet Nimki. Anaro asks him to run out of the haveli. Nimki and Babbu come at the same moment when Anaro insults Monu. Nimki slaps Anaro in anger. Tetar gets raged. Nimki threatens to hit Tetar as well. She scolds them for pushing her younger brother.

She scares Anaro and Tetar. She warns them against misbehaving with her family again. Anaro asks Babbu how can he witness his wife slapping his mum. Babbu asks her why did she hurt Monu. He knows Nimki won’t tolerate any ill behavior. Tetar tells Babbu that he isn’t a man enough. Babbu has changed because of Nimki. He doesn’t want to be an evil man like he was before. Monu hugs Nimki and sheds tears. Nimki asks him not to come to haveli which has all the evil minded people.

Babbu drops Monu home. Mahua asks Monu where did he go. He tells her what all happened at Babbu’s haveli. Mahua yells at Babbu for coming to her house. Babbu apologizes to her. He feels Mahua hates Nimki, but Monu still loves Nimki. Mahua insults Babbu and his family. Monu tells them that Nimki and Babbu have opposed Anaro for his sake. Tunne tells Mahua that Nimki got away from them just to protect them. He asks Mahua to see Nimki’s caring side. He doesn’t want her to support Tetar. Mahua’s heart melts for Nimki.

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