Yeh Rishtey Love Confession with a tangled twist

Yeh Rishtey Love Confession with a tangled twist

Yeh Rishtey Love Confession with a tangled twist Meenakshi tries to keep Abir engaged in the Sangeet dance rehearsals so that he stays away from Mishti. She doesn’t want Abir and Mishti to meet and speak their heart out. Mishti meets Abir and gets the obstacles in their love story. She feels she shouldn’t hurry and express her love to Abir in a nice way. Rajvansh and Maheshwaris have a dance competition. The fun gets high with the performances in the Sangeet. Mishti decides to sing and express her love for Abir, so that her love gets unstoppable. Abir and his family perform dance so superbly that Jasmeet gets worried. Jasmeet thinks Kuhu and Mishti won’t be able to perform so well. Kuhu dances with Kunal.

She is very happy to get his love. Kuhu fears to lose everything on seeing Abir and Mishti performing together. She doesn’t want Abir and Mishti to unite. Abir and Mishti’s love gets evident. Meenakshi finds ways to block Mishti from making a love confession. She gets late in stopping Mishti. She finds Abir and Mishti in a romantic moment and wonders if Mishti has confessed love to him. Abir sings a melodious song to express love to Mishti.

Meenakshi feels Mishti is not right for her family. Mishti plans a special performance to give hints to Abir that she loves him. Maheshwari family isn’t aware of Mishti’s feelings for Abir. Meenakshi understands the love hints and loses her temper. Kunal tries his level best to obey his mum and stop Mishti from going to Abir. Mishti doesn’t want her love to lose under any circumstances. She takes the challenge from Kuhu and Kunal. Will Mishti confess her love and get Abir to support her? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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