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Star Plus Prime Romance Revenge and Multi twists Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Mishti confesses love to Abir. Abir doesn’t get to hear anything on the call. Meenakshi interrupts Abir always. Mishti wants to meet Abir and tell him that she loves him a lot. Parul tells Abir that she feels Meenakshi is bringing hurdles in Kuhu and Kunal’s alliance. Abir wants to question Meenakshi. Parul doesn’t want Meenakshi to know this. She fears that Meenakshi will oust her from the house. Parul dreams to tell Meenakshi’s truth. Meenakshi stops Parul from revealing her plans. She asks Abir to practice dance. Abir wonders what was Parul going to tell him. Parul lies to Meenakshi and goes away. Abir practices dance with the family.

Kuhu meets Kunal at the office. He scolds her for getting caught so soon and putting him in risk. He tells her that she is not capable to handle a small plan. He asks her to stay away from the matter, since he will handle this alone. Mishti and Abir meet finally. Kunal hinders their meet and tells them that he has left Kuhu at the spa. Meenakshi asks Mishti to come and assist her. Kunal ruins Mishti’s plans. Meenakshi and Kunal sign each other cleverly. Mishti thinks she will try again to tell Abir her feelings. She is happy that she has realized her love for Abir.

She overhears Abir and Kunal’s conversation. Abir tells that if he was in Kunal’s place then he would had professed his love in front of the family in a grand style. Mishti thinks Abir has helped her unknowingly once again. She plans to profess her love just the way Abir wants. She wants to surprise him. Meenakshi tells Kunal that they don’t need Kuhu in their plans now, they will Mishti commit a mistake so that they break the alliance easily. Abir gets ready for the Sangeet. Nanu tells Abir that he is hoping for Mishti and Abir’s union today.

Meenakshi plays with Kuhu and Mishti’s emotions. Meenakshi keeps a good image in front of Kuhu. Mishti plans a huge performance to confess love to Abir. Abir doesn’t get to witness her proposal. Meenakshi happens to be there instead Abir. She rages and warns Mishti to leave from Abir’s life.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Sonakshi finds Sumit with Amrita. She doubts that Sumit was behind Pooja’s wardrobe malfunction. She scolds Sumit for falling so low. Sumit denies the blames. She knows his cheap thinking well. She tells him that she wants to stop him from hurting Pari or anyone else. She decides to expose Sumit. Netra worries seeing Sonakshi and Sumit’s heated argument. She feels their fights will ruin her show. She asks them to work hard to make the show successful. She doesn’t want them to fight and fail to put up good chemistry. Netra requests Sonakshi to handle the situation. Sumit gets worried that Sonakshi is suspecting him. Yash meets Rohit at the hospital.

He tells Rohit that Nishi isn’t understanding him at all. He feels he isn’t wrong to go and meet his mum. Rohit supports Yash. Yash admits his mistake to remind Nishi that Pooja isn’t his daughter. Rohit too yells at him and asks him to never mention this truth again. Yash feels sorry to say that in anger. Rohit asks him to rectify his mistake. He doesn’t want Pooja to know this truth. Rohit sends the court notice to Suman Rastogi. Suman gets a huge shock knowing about the heavy penalty posed on them for the defamation case.

Suman tells Sonakshi that Sippys are ruining them. Sonakshi calms down Suman. She tells Suman that she will try to talk to Rohit and sort the matter. She wants to tell the truth to Rohit. Sonakshi tells Suman that Pari should admit her mistake of swapping the dress because of the stain mark. Suman doesn’t agree to her. Sonakshi reminds her the past mistakes and insists Suman to allow Pari. She wants Pari to apologize to the Sippys. She also seeks legal advice from the lawyer, who tells Suman that there is no option left than to apologize to Sippys. Suman asks Sonakshi to take Pari to Sippy family. Sonakshi meets the Sippys again hoping to set things right.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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