Yeh Rishta Critical Kairav Preview Upcoming Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Critical Kairav Preview Upcoming Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Critical Kairav Preview Upcoming Spoilers Kairav looks for Kartik everywhere in the Goenka house. He finally sees Kartik busy on a phone call. He shouts to Kartik. Kartik gets a huge shock on seeing Kairav home. The entire family gets a shock when they hear Kairav calling Kartik as his Papa. Kartik finds Kairav falling down and hugs him to secure. He hugs Kairav and loves him. Naira tells her friend that she can’t enter Goenka house as its Kartik’s house. She tells that Kairav is brought to his dad again by fate. She can’t go inside to get Kairav. They think of the coincidences happening with Kairav and Naira. Naira doesn’t know why she is being tested again and again. Naira worriedly panics. She wants to find a solution to get Kairav out. Kartik asks Kairav how did he come.

Vansh tells Kartik that Vansh called him dad on seeing the photo and he got him home to confirm it. Kairav and Vansh argue in a kiddish way. Kairav recognizes Dadi and tells that she is a thief who steals kids. Dadi tells them that she met Kairav in Goa. Kairav asks Kartik if this is his family. Everyone asks Kartik about Kairav, why is he calling him Papa. Suwarna tells them that the kid made random calls to Kartik and then met him in Goa, he assumes Kartik to be his dad. Dadi gets emotional knowing their bonding.

She wishes that if Kartik had a son, he would have looked the same. Kartik takes care of Kairav. He wants to know where is Kairav’s mum. Naira asks her friend to get Kairav out. Her friend asks her to meet Kartik once and accept him. Naira doesn’t want to ruin Kartik’s life when he is moving on after a long time. She doesn’t want to re-enter the family. She wants Kartik’s engagement to happen without any obstacle. Kartik keeps Naira’s photo with the garlands. Kairav doesn’t see the photo. Kairav asks Kartik about the decorations in the house, if its someone’s birthday. Vansh tells Kairav about the engagement function.

Kartik doesn’t tell the truth to Kairav. He asks Vansh not to tell anything. Kartik handles Naira’s photo and saves it from a fall. Naira’s friend meets them to get Kairav back. Kairav refuses to go with her. Kartik too doesn’t want to send Kairav when the latter requests him to not send him away. Naira’s friend insists Kartik to let her take Kairav, who is waiting for them. Kartik asks her to call Kairav’s mum home. Naira calls her friend to know the situation. She asks her to manage the situation some how, since she can’t come inside. Kartik asks Naira’s friend about their trip to Udaipur.

She can’t answer him anything. Kairav tells about the hospital visit, which worries Kartik. Naira’s friend asks Kartik to send Kairav before his engagement, else he would have to answer Kairav and the guests as well. Kartik wants to meet Kairav’s mum. Naira happens to see Vedika and realizes that she is chosen life partner for Kartik.

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Yeh Rishta Critical Kairav Upcoming Spoilers:

Kartik keeps Kairav with him. Naira has no courage to face Kartik. Kartik isn’t aware that Naira is alive. Naira decides to not go to Kartik. Naira learns about Kairav’s critical illness. She can’t believe this news when doctor informs her the shocking news. Naira takes a disguise of a joker and tries to keep Kairav happy. She wants Kairav to always be smiling.

Kartik and Vedika get engaged in the Goenka house. Kartik has a doubt about Kairav’s illness. He wants to know what has happened to Kairav. He recalls Kairav’s words that Kairav has seen him at the hospital. Kartik decides to talk to Dr. Pallavi and know about Kairav. Kartik gets occupied with Naira’s memories even after his engagement with Vedika. Kartik goes to meet Dr. Pallavi, when Naira and Kairav are available at the hospital. Would Kartik learn about Naira? Keep reading.

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