Colors Spoilers Bepannaah Pyaar Sardarni and Gathbandhan

Colors Spoilers Bepannaah Pyaar Sardarni Gathbandhan

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Colors Spoilers Bepannaah Pyaar Sardarni and Gathbandhan Dhanak congratulates Raghu for his second marriage. She has given the divorce papers to Raghu. She tells him that she has signed the papers and now she will get him married to Maya. Raghu doesn’t want to lose Dhanak. They get into a moment when Dhanak prepares things for his marriage with Maya. They get many chances to express love. Raghu gets restless watching Dhanak act this way. She knows Raghu well. She wants to revive his love. She is sure that his hatred will subside soon. She waits for the moment when Raghu expresses his love and calls off his marriage with Maya.

Dhanak is very excited for Raghu and Maya’s mehendi function. She makes the master plan to stop the marriage. She wants to marry Raghu. She plans to kidnap Maya and take her place in the mandap to marry Raghu. Maai sends her aide to kill Dhanak. She is against Dhanak. She is creating problems for Dhanak. Maai slips down and falls, when she attempts to shoot Dhanak. Dhanak locks up Maya and angers her. Raghu regrets when he sits in the mandap for marriage. Raghu wishes that Dhanak is his bride again.

Choti Sarrdaarni:

Kulwant punishes Meher. She asks Meher to promise her that she will marry Sarabjeet. She emotionally blackmails Meher. She tells Meher that she will spare Manav’s child if she promises to conceal her pregnancy truth. She doesn’t want Sarabjeet to withdraw his support in building her political career. Sarabjeet wants Meher to accept him and his son Param as well. He expects Meher to be true towards him. Meher wants to be true to him. She wants Sarabjeet to accept her coming child. Meher breaks down and promises Kulwant that she will never tell the truth to Sarabjeet. Kulwant madly celebrates. Meher gets criticized by Kulwant and Jagga.

Bepannaah Pyaar:

Raghbir and Pragati have a romantic moment. Pragati looks upset. Raghbir and his family dance to convince Pragati. They don’t want Pragati to stay upset. Pragati ends her annoyance when her mum-in-law dances as well. The family convinces Raghbir and Pragati to go for their honeymoon trip. Pragati will be going to Manali. Raghbir will be reviving his memories with Bani in Manali, while Pragati will be uncovering many secrets of him. She gets surprised seeing Raghbir’s caring side. Pragati is Bani, who has come back to take revenge for her immense love. She wants to know why Raghbir didn’t save her from the deadly fall in Manali when he loved her so much. Pragati wants her answers from Raghbir.



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