Zee5 Kumkum Bhagya and top 3 shows upcomings

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee5 Kumkum Bhagya and top 3 shows upcomings Aaliya threatens Nishant not to tell anything about Rhea to Abhi. Nishant tells her that he will tell Abhi. Aaliya offers to give him money and take him out of lock-up. Abhi meets Nishant and asks what do you want to tell me. He asks on whose insistence you kept drugs in Prachi’s bag. Nishant says your daughter Rhea. Abhi is shocked. Aaliya signs to suffocate his neck. Nishant gets scared of her. Abhi asks what are you saying? Nishant gets tensed and then changes his words.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Atul has a change of heart for Malhar after the latter saves him. Malhar calls Atul and Aao Saheb to the police station to give a statement regarding the terrorists. They come to the Police station. Malhar asks Aao Saheb when those men told you that they have taken advance from Rao Saheb/Appa for the construction of the floor than did they show any receipt to you. Atul says they didn’t show any receipt then. Malhar asks him to remember and tell him if he knows anything. Atul recalls and tells him that he has seen Tempo’s owner name on it in which the bags were brought. He says he saw the name as Dinkar Patwardhan and the address was of Vilas Vadi. Malhar and Pawar come to Patwardhan’s house. He sees a girl sitting at the guy’s side. Malhar identifies the girl and calls her name. The girl is tensed to see him.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sarla hears Janki and Preeta talking. She asks what happened? Janki says if she is saying that nothing has happened then see what happens next. Shristi asks Prithvi why did he come here? She says she knows that he came for marriage and stops him from entering he place. She says she will play his band today. Sarla asks Prithvi to come inside and stops Shristi from teasing Prithvi. Sherlyn is shocked that Prithvi is marrying Preeta and comes there with Luthra family.


Raja Beta:

Pankhudi appreciates herself for fooling Vedant to catch her lie in pulse reading test. He believes that the baby is HIV positive after she presents AIDS infected patient’s report. He gets shattered and shocked. He says when Purva and him are fine then how can a baby get injected with HIV. Pankhudi tells him that he is right when father and mother are fine then how can a baby be infected. She says when parents don’t have any problem then how did this baby get this disease?

She acts and says the baby’s mother is perfectly fine so that means the baby’s father is HIV infected. Vedant is shocked and decides to save the baby anyhow. He thinks how to tell Purva about her baby and shatter her dream. Pankhudi has targeted Vedant and Purva’s strong relation and is risking the baby’s life. She wants bad thing to happen with Purva, baby and Vedant for rejecting her.

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