Star Plus Stunning Three Spoilers Prime Hits

Starplus Top 2 Underrated shows Highlights Today

Star Plus Stunning Three Spoilers Prime Hits Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kartik unwillingly dances with Vedika in his Sangeet. He does this to make up for annoying her before. Dadi gets happy and assumes Kartik is happy. Kartik and Vedika perform with the family. Kartik gets Naira’s call for help. Naira wants Kartik to talk to Kairav once before his surgery. Vedika finds Kartik lost and upset. She realizes that he still loves Kartik. Kartik tries to pretend happy. Vansh gets Kartik’s phone. He goes to tell Kartik about the incoming calls. Samarth stops Vansh from disturbing Kartik and Vedika. Kartik doesn’t learn about the calls.

Naira wants to seek Kartik’s help since she falls short of money for the surgery. Dr. Pallavi asks Naira to contact some NGOs to take financial help for Kairav’s surgery. Pallavi meets Vedika in the Sangeet and tells her about Kairav’s case. She feels sorry for Naira who is struggling to arrange money. Kartik learns about a kid in need of help for medical treatment. He agrees to help the family. He asks Pallavi to call her patient and assure that he will be funding the surgery. Pallavi asks him to talk to patient’s mum. Kartik and Naira have a close hit and miss once again.

Star Plus Stunning Three Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna:

Pooja hides from Dhruv to save her life. Dhruv finds her hiding under the wooden logs. He takes a rod to hit on her head. Kabir stops Dhruv from attacking Pooja. He asks Pooja to run away. He asks Dhruv not to get mad to kill her, its a crime to take someone’s life, be it for any revenge. Kabir and Dhruv fight because of Pooja. Kabir asks Dhruv how can he plan such a crime. He asks him to think of their family. Pooja will know that Kabir is saving her life and change her perception. Kabir assures Dhruv that he will fix everything, but the right way. He wants Dhruv to have patience until they get back their rights. Pooja seeks help from the police and secures herself.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Meenakshi calls Maheshwaris home to talk about the kundli. Varsha and Jasmeet plan and swap the kundlis. Meenakshi has already read Kuhu’s mum’s name in the kundli. She plans to make Mishti bad in everyone’s sight.

She asks Mishti to reveal the kundli truth in front of the families. She wants everyone to hate Mishti. Mishti avoids Abir and hides her tensions. She knows Abir will easily identify the problems if she tells him anything. Abir doesn’t like Mishti ignoring him. He wonders what’s the reason. Mishti cries a lot when she is blackmailed by Meenakshi. She doesn’t want Abir to confront Meenakshi. She wants to save Kuhu and Kunal’s marriage. She obeys Meenakshi and is giving the big tests. Mishti is in dilemma. She can’t tag Kuhu as an illegitimate child of Shaurya. She can’t find a way to avoid Meenakshi’s conditions.

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