Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th August Preview Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala lands in grave danger again

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th August Sikandar reaches the hotel to see Kulfi’s performance. He wants to be with her, knowing Vikram is just using Kulfi as a success ladder. He doesn’t want Vikram to hurt Kulfi’s sentiments. He is sure that Kulfi will understand her father’s concern once she realizes his love is true. He wishes to win Kulfi’s trust back somehow. Lovely changes into negative once again. She poses hurdles for Sikandar and Kulfi’s bonding. She is aware that Sikandar is Murphy Singh for Kulfi now. She wants to bring out this truth to pose Sikandar as a liar again. She obstructs Sikandar at the hotel and questions him about his presence. Sikandar lies to her that he read her message and came to the hotel for Amyra.

She asks him about carrying a bag. He lies again that it belongs to his friend. On the other hand, Vikram orders Kulfi to wear the short dress. Kulfi refuses to wear it since she won’t be comfortable. Mia gets a proper dress for Kulfi and tells Vikram that Kulfi has to feel comfortable in order to perform well. Vikram tells her that Murphy has got this dress for Kulfi. Mia convinces Vikram. He asks Kulfi to wear whatever she wants.

Kulfi gets innocent in her talks and impresses Mia. Mia tells Kulfi that she is sure that Kulfi will become a big star one day. She gets emotional and asks Kulfi to never do what she doesn’t like. She asks Kulfi to follow her heart and oppose the wrong, which she doesn’t want to do. Kulfi gets surprised hearing Mia’s advice. Meanwhile, Lovely meets Tony’s friend in order to make Amyra’s career a success. Vikram calls Murphy for the shoot. Sikandar makes excuses to Lovely and tells her that he will come back soon.

He takes Murphy’s avatar and pacifies Kulfi. Sikandar lies to Vikram as well to keep his identity a secret. Lovely understands that Sikandar has gone to Kulfi. Kulfi finds the song really strange and doesn’t want to sing it. Sikandar explains her that she has to listen to her heart. He asks her to make him a friend and share her heart. She doesn’t know how to share about Sikandar with Murphy. Vikram interrupts their conversation and asks Kulfi to rush for her performance. Sikandar wants to be with Kulfi. Kulfi gets ready and goes for the performance. Vikram takes Kulfi with him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th August Lovely calls Sikandar for the meeting. Sikandar gets in dilemma as he has to be with both Kulfi and Amyra. Sikandar gets into his own avatar and goes to Amyra. He talks to the music director about Amyra’s career. He gets Vikram’s call again when he was deciding his performance with Amyra. Sikandar realizes that he is carrying the song in the pendrive. He goes back to take Murphy’s avatar. He gives the pendrive to Vikram. Kulfi gets compelled to sing. Lovely and Amyra also spot Kulfi on the stage singing. Kulfi sings too well, which impresses Tony’s friend as well. Sikandar gets angry when he hears the man talking badly about Kulfi.

He bashes the man and his identity comes out. Kulfi realizes that Sikandar was staying with her as Murphy. She cries for him. Sikandar apologizes to Kulfi. Amyra blackmails Sikandar once again. Sikandar doesn’t want Amyra to play with his life by her blackmailing move all the time. He declares that he will accept Kulfi as his daughter in front of the world. This makes Kulfi too emotional. Amyra and Lovely slip in shock with Sikandar’s decision yet another again.


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