Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Arijit to kill Raman Bhalla

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Arijit to kill Raman Bhalla

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Arijit to kill Raman Bhalla Ruhi and Aaliya try to track the number used by the kidnapper. They realize that its Sunita’s number. They fail to know anything about the locker owner. They decide to meet Sunita and know why did she do this with Ishita. Aaliya tells Karan and Yug about Sunita’s involvement. Karan tells Ruhi that they should try to find the truth in a way that Sunita doesn’t doubt them. Arijit is worried for his family member. He lets Sunita get away with her daughter. Ruhi and Karan reach the hospital to meet Sunita. They learn that Sunita has resigned from the job. Ruhi tells Karan that maybe Sunita is in danger. She recalls having heard Sunita crying for her daughter.

She tells Karan that Sunita would have done this to save her daughter. Ishita gets scared for Raman. She lives in trauma and wonders how is Raman struggling. Ishita tells the family that she is not so weak. She wants to go and find Raman. She can’t save herself being at home. She tells them that the danger is same on Raman. Simmi and Mihika try to find about the locker owner. Mani realizes that the kidnapper is using his locker. He tells them that the locker belongs to them, and he didn’t use the locker since a long time. He wonders who has taken the locker keys. Simmi asks Mani how didn’t he know this before.

She accuses Mani in anger. Aaliya feels bad seeing Simmi targeting Mani. The family goes home to meet Ishita. They tell Ishita about the locker belonging to Mani. Ishita gets worried knowing someone is using the locker. She asks them if Mani is behind this. Aaliya gets upset that even Ishita is doubting Mani. Ishita feels sorry. She doesn’t want to doubt Mani. Ruhi informs them that Sunita has left the job and also the city. Simmi blames Mani for risking Ishita’s life. Mani gets hurt by Bhallas. Yug and Aaliya support Mani.

They ask everyone to try to find Raman, rather than fighting among themselves. Ishita faces a terrible moment when she finds Raman close to his death. Arijit threatens Ishita that he would kill Raman. Arijit harms Raman and attempts to kill him, leaving Ishita cold in shock.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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