Sufiyana Pyar Mera Kainat faces a shocking row

Sufiyana Romantic story trashed by murder spree

Sufiyana Pyar Mera Kainat faces a shocking row Ghazala and Mamoon apologize to the family to get back to Canada. They feel sorry that they aren’t able to stay back with them in the tough times. Miyajaan doubts that Kainat is posing as Saltanat. He tests her by asking her some questions. He then finds her lying more and confronts her. He tells her that he knows she is Kainat. He wonders why would Saltanat commit suicide. He asks her if she has dared to kill Saltanat. Kainat gets slapped by him repeatedly. He tells her that he will bring his truth out since the family deserves to know her evil.

She accepts that she has tried to kill Saltanat just to get Zaroon’s love. She tells him that she will get Zaroon forever, since she has understood that just Saltanat’s identity can help her succeed. He tells her that she can’t achieve Zaroon’s love by cheat. She scolds him for snatching her rights always and giving the best things to Saltanat. She tells him that he claims to love her, but haven’t done anything for her. She is angry that he failed to give her Zaroon, who has become her obsession now.

He tells Kainat that he will not spare her and tell the truth to Zaroon. Kainat asks him not to do this if he wants to see her fine. She blackmails him. He tells her that she should better die since she has committed a big sin. He scolds her for all her crimes and rushes to the family. She attempts to stop him and attacks him. Miyajaan fights Kainat and goes to the family to reveal that Kainat is cheating them. Kainat imagines this, since Miyajaan faints down in the lift before breaking out the truth. Will Kainat succeed to save herself from getting the truth exposed in front of Zaroon? Keep reading.

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