Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Music play efforts by Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Amyra to unravel the secret mystery

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Music play efforts by Sikandar Sikandar recalls Kulfi’s words, that she will be coming back to him if the useless coin returns to her by some way. She asks him to give the coin to anyone and she will see if destiny brings the coin to her. Sikandar gives the coin to some beggar. He thinks he shouldn’t depend on fate and take back the coin. He finds the beggar gone and thinks he lost his last chance, the coin. He goes home and argues with Lovely about Amyra. She wants him to speak to Amyra and convince her for completing her studies. Sikandar tells her that Amyra is adamant and now he can’t explain her. He knows Amyra won’t understand whatever he says. Lovely asks him to think of some way to convince Amyra. He tells her that she knows Amyra well, Amyra is too stubborn.

Gunjan meets them. She scolds Lovely and calls her rigid as well. They both get into an argument. Mohendar stops them from the arguing. On the other hand, Kulfi leaves for Panchgani. Tia doesn’t want her to go away. Kulfi promises to call her every day to talk to her. She hugs Tia. Mia gets happy seeing Tia and Kulfi’s bonding. Sikandar tells the man that he will not manage the preparations, else his daughters will realize his efforts.

He doesn’t want his daughter to know that it is his plan to make them participate in the music play. He arranges a director for the play. The director gets his entire team and is ready to direct the music play.

Sikandar knows that Amyra will come soon, but Kulfi may not come. He wishes that some miracle happens and Kulfi comes back. Mia and Kulfi come to a restaurant while being on the way. Kulfi wishes to get the coin back. She gets upset when she doesn’t get the coin. Amyra comes for the play and gets the script to do a lead role. Sikandar is happy to see Amyra. Kulfi wants to talk to Sikandar once. He doesn’t answer the call being busy in his work. Kulfi gets upset that she doesn’t matter to him. Mia asks her not to be disheartened, maybe Sikandar is away from his phone. Mia tells Kulfi that her friend will be taking her to Panchgani.

She explains Kulfi that she has to go back home for Tia. Kulfi understands her point. Director tells Sikandar that Amyra is very much good. Sikandar asks him to wait until Kulfi comes, she is much more better. Kulfi gets the same coin back from the PCO when she goes to call Sikandar. She thinks destiny wants her to go back to Sikandar.

Sikandar asks the director to wait for some time until Kulfi comes for audition. He wishes she comes soon and has high hopes. Kulfi decides to go for the play. Sikandar gets excited on seeing Kulfi. He learns Amyra and Kulfi are on the stage together. He doesn’t want them to see him. He rushes to hide from them, so that they don’t know his real plans of clubbing them together in the music play. Sikandar plans to bring both his daughters together and also explain his helplessness and decisions through the music play.

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