Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Terribly upsetting shock for Bhallas

Mohabbatein Yug massive blunder ruins Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Terribly upsetting shock for Bhallas Ishita wants to meet Raman and doubts the doctor for keeping her away from Raman. She wants to know what is the doctor hiding from her. Arijit knows Ishita’s children are lying to him. He tells them that he wanted to meet Ishita once, but he will count on their planning. He asks Ruhi to arrange the meeting after the puja. He offers them support in the sorrow. He hides his intentions from them. Karan suspects him. He tells them that Arijit is adamant to meet Ishita for a motive. Mani asks Ishita to stay strong and not rush to meet Raman. He wants her to keep patience for some time. Arijit gets angry on Bhallas for concealing things. He spies on Ruhi and finds her leaving for the hospital. He wonders whom are they going to meet in a hurry.

He wants to know if Ishita is admitted in the hospital. Aaliya asks Ruhi and Karan to meet Raman. Ishita finds strange that doctor is still stopping her. Doctor asks Ishita to meet Raman only if she is mentally prepared. He asks the family not to turn the patient emotional. Ishita and family meet Raman after his skin grafting procedure. They get a rude shock and are unable to get a hold of themselves. It gets too painful for them to see Raman in that state. They can’t stick to the troubling sight for long and rush out of the ICU.

Doctor tells them that its a miracle that Raman got saved by the family’s blessings, its a big thing that he survived the deadly fall. Doctor asks Ishita to keep patience until Raman gets conscious and proves that he retained his memory. He asks the family to be positive that Raman will fight back. Karan wants to know if Raman will appear the same. Doctor asks them to get prepared to face any outcome of the facial surgery. Ishita feels guilty that she couldn’t save Raman. Mani asks her to just be positive and not cry feeling guilty.

He gives her strength and asks her to focus on keeping Raman positive. Arijit misses to follow Ruhi. He gets angry on his aide who has no information about Bhallas. Arijit wants to know if Raman is alive. He connects the dots and realizes that Raman is alive. He can’t believe this. He feels its impossible that Ishita has saved Raman’s life. He worries that Raman has seen him already. He plans to kill Raman. Bhallas’ secret plan to get Raman treated fails. Arijit wants to hunt down Raman. Simmi cries for Raman. She wants to make some excuse to the elders and leave.

She appears happy and misses Raman a lot just like the rest of the family misses him. Mani informs Simmi that Raman will get fine gradually, she can’t meet him so soon. He asks Simmi and Bala to keep patience and not tell anyone about Raman. He tells about Ishita’s emotional break down. Ishita gets helpless to hide Raman’s state from the family. Arijit meets Bhallas and cleverly comes with a story. He tricks them into believing him once again. He asks Ishita if any of the family member is admitted in the hospital. Arijit questions Ishita about Raman, which shocks her and the entire family, who tried their best to keep the news concealed. How will Ishita save Raman from Arijit’s next attack? Keep reading.

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