Kulfi Kumar Troubles knocking Sikandar’s life

Kulfi Kumar Jimmy Tony plot to the talented SSG

Kulfi Kumar Troubles knocking Sikandar’s life Sikandar gets obstructed by the auditorium owner. He wants the play to happen at the same auditorium. The real owner Jimmy asks his men to get the place vacated. Sikandar learns that the auditorium really belongs to Jimmy. Sikandar gets worried that the play will get shelved. He asks the owner to let him get ahead with the play. When the men treat Sikandar badly, Kulfi and Amyra get angry on the men. They warn the men that they can’t push or hurt Sikandar like this, since he is their dad. Sikandar gets happy and hugs them. Sikandar doesn’t want the matter to turn ugly before the police arrives. They vacate the venue and stay worried.

Sikandar knows that all the actors and crew need the push this play ahead, else it will be a big loss for them. Kulfi seeks help from Mia so that Sikandar’s dream gets fulfilled. Mia agrees to help her. Kulfi goes to meet Sikandar to ask him if he is the writer of the play or stolen it from someone. He tells her that he has written it himself. She reminds his written lines that truth and goodness are unstoppable, good always wins. Sikandar is happy to hear her and hugs her.

Sikandar meets Jimmy and requests him to let the play happen. He wants to know what Jimmy wants. Jimmy wants revenge on Sikandar. He doesn’t accept Sikandar’s request. He tells him that he doesn’t want the play to happen. Sikandar asks him to do this at least for the kids participating in the play. Jimmy demands a huge amount of ten crores, which worries Sikandar. Meanwhile, Gunjan gets the confession letter of Lovely’s driver. She calls the police to get Lovely punished. She feels now none can save Lovely.

Kulfi, Mia and Ritu meet Peter and Sikandar at Mia’s house. They discuss about the play. They realize that there is no auditorium free for the play. Ritu tells them that she can’t take any step against Jimmy. She doesn’t want to spoil her business terms with Jimmy. Sikandar gets a plan to arrange the money. He calls someone and arranges ten crores. Mia is worried that Tia isn’t scoring well in her exams. She wants to focus on Tia’s studies. Sikandar meets Jimmy and gives him the cheque. He also insults Jimmy like he got insulted before. Jimmy threatens to ruin the play. Sikandar wants the play to go on well.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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