Rishtey Pyar Abir summons Kunal Ultimatum for Meenakshi

Rishtey Pyaar Abir Meenakshi Shocking humiliation

Rishtey Pyar Abir summons Kunal Meenakshi plans to make Kunal runaway from his marriage so that she insults Maheshwaris. She doesn’t forget how Mishti has rejected Kunal after the courtship move. Kunal is angry and guilty. He thinks to call Kuhu. He doesn’t like to get ready as the groom. He feels he is cheating even his own family. Atul snatches his phone and doesn’t let him call Kuhu. Parul tries to help Kunal. Atul sends I love you message to Kuhu from Kunal’s phone. Kuhu gets much happy to get Kunal’s message. Kuhu misses Mishti. She feels she has Kunal and doesn’t need anything else. Kunal checks the delivered message. He slaps Atul and asks him why did he do this.

Nidhi creates a scene that Kunal slapped her son. Abir asks Kunal why did he slap Atul for a little thing. He asks Kunal not to vent his stress on Atul. He asks if Kunal is hiding something. Meenakshi tells Abir that Maheshwaris lied to them so much that Kunal is upset. Kunal changes his clothes and packs his bags. Meenakshi gives the ticket and asks him to leave soon. Kunal runs away from the house. Abir misses Mishti. He thinks he isn’t happy within. He hides his sorrow. He tries to connect to Mishti.

He doesn’t want his pain and sorrow to lessen his family’s happiness. Mishti calls Abir, but doesn’t speak. He understands that its Mishti on the call. Abir wants to meet her once. Abir finds Kunal leaving. He rushes to Meenakshi and confronts her. He asks her to summon Kunal, if Kunal doesn’t come back, then she will see the worse outcome. Meenakshi asks Abir how can he threaten her. Abir tells her that he is just guiding her the right path, he can never threaten her. He wants Kunal to come back and marry Kuhu. Abir doesn’t want Kunal to ruin Kuhu’s life. Abir promises Meenakshi that he will find Kunal. Meenakshi gets worried knowing Abir never fails in keeping his promise.

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