Star Plus Weekend Snips Top 2 Upcomings

Starplus Top 2 Underrated shows Highlights Today

Star Plus Weekend Snips Top 2 Upcomings Sonakshi finds Rohit in the drunken and bleeding state. She can’t believe the sight, since she has seen his responsible side. She hurriedly gets Rohit in her car and rushes him to the hospital. Rohit’s wounds get treated. Rohit gets conscious. He gets adamant to leave from the hospital so that he can meet Raima. Nurse tries hard to stop him. When he doesn’t listen, Sonakshi intervenes. Sonakshi meets him at the hospital and scolds him for his carelessness. He asks her to shut up and leave from his sight. She doesn’t listen to her and turns rigid to get answers from him. He gets irritated, since he isn’t in a mood to talk. He has lost Raima again. He is much depressed. Sonakshi and Rohit have an argument.

She feels she has a right to shout on him, since he has become her friend now. She reminds him their friendship and claims her rights. She tells him that he was walking on the road in a drunken state and got hit by her car. She feels responsible towards him. She lectures him for becoming a patient, without thinking of his dear ones. He tells her about the pain of heartbreak. She asks him not to justify himself by saying about the heartbreak, since she has faced that too. She tells him that nothing can justify his wrong actions.

She tells him that he can’t risk everything for one person. She asks him to live in the present. She advises him to forget the past. Rohit shares his pain with Sonakshi. He hugs her and cries. He agrees to give himself another chance on her saying. She asks him to give a chance to his own heart, when he can cure patients’ hearts. She manages to change his mood and makes him smile. She has developed feelings for Rohit. She keeps her feelings unspoken. Rohit returns home and tells the family about Sonakshi, acting like his savior in Pune. The family tells him that Sonakshi is a nice person and would be a good life partner for Rohit.

They advise them to propose Sonakshi. Rohit feels shy to answer them. Sippy family prepare for the Karwachauth function. Everyone pulls Rohit’s leg and asks him if Sonakshi is here. They call Rohit as Parvati’s Shiv. Rohit learns Sonakshi has come home. The family is happy that Rohit and Sonakshi are becoming a couple. Veena and Sukhmani bless Rohit and Sonakshi.

Star Plus Weekend Snips Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Veena gets insulted by Mohini and Nivedita. She didn’t know that Mr. Bajaj has a daughter from his first wife. She argues with Prerna for marrying an elderly man, by leaving the good-hearted Anurag. She scolds Prerna for betraying Anurag just for money. Veena is stunned that Prerna has failed her teachings. Maasi and Tanvi plan to use Veena in their plans. They plan to make the chandelier fall over Mr. Bajaj, so that Veena gets blamed for it.

They want Mr. Bajaj to regret for handing over the event management work to Veena. They want to accuse Veena for deliberately hurting Mr. Bajaj due to her dislike. Veena finds Mr. Bajaj in danger. She tries to save him, but fails. Mr. Bajaj gets hurt and misunderstands Veena. Maasi creates a rift between Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Prerna takes a stand for her mother to save her from baseless accusations. Mohini enjoys the family drama.


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