Kasautii Accident arrest and a shocking revelation

Raavan twist in Kasautii Navratri Special Upcomings

Kasautii Accident arrest and a shocking revelation Mr. Bajaj and Prerna celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He calls for a birthday gift. He asks his daughter to guess what is it. Prerna too couldn’t tell anything. Mr. Bajaj asks them to think of their first meet and guess. Prerna asks if its a soft toy. Sneha gets happy seeing the toy. They share a happy moment. Veena takes Prerna to confront her again for marrying Mr. Bajaj and taking responsibility of his daughter. She asks Prerna if she knows raising kids that she has become a nanny. She tells that Prerna has ruined her life. Prerna is pregnant and is becoming a mother herself. She feels attached to Sneha. Vyas doesn’t let Veena leave from the party.

Veena stays upset. Tanvi and Maasi ask Mr. Bajaj to dance in the party. Tanvi dances with Mr. Bajaj. Sneha brings Prerna close to Mr. Bajaj. She makes them dance. Mohini, Maasi and Veena get upset seeing them. Mohini angrily avoids the sight. Maasi plans to frame Veena. She wants Mr. Bajaj and Prerna to fight. She goes to Veena to provoke her for initiating a fight. Veena tells Maasi that she didn’t get Prerna married to Mr. Bajaj, she hates Mr. Bajaj and doesn’t want his money. She clears out that she is working in the party just to earn money. Mohini overhears their conversation and realizes that even Veena dislikes Mr. Bajaj.

Veena refuses to accept Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s respect. Mohini feels sorry to insult Veena before. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj argue while dancing. Tanvi gets Maasi’s message and goes to her. She asks Maasi to plan something big. Maasi tells her that Veena didn’t get provoked, but she has a back up plan. She tells Tanvi that she will cut the chandelier rope and then frame Veena. She feels someone has heard her plan. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna celebrate Sneha’s birthday. The chandelier falls on Mr. Bajaj. He gets injured and gets rushed to the hospital. Veena gets blamed for this and faces an arrest. Prerna realizes that Tanvi loves Mr. Bajaj. She didn’t expect this shocking revelation at all. Tanvi tries to gain Prerna’s sympathy while presenting her love for Mr. Bajaj.

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