Muskaan Sir ji plays his last move New villain enters

Muskaan Sir ji plays his last move New villain enters

Muskaan Sir ji plays his last move New villain enters Sir ji shoots at Ronak, while Muskaan challenges him to kill her. Sujata bears the bullet to save Muskaan. She asks Muskaan not to spare Sir ji. The brothel girls ask Ronak and Muskaan not to spare Sir ji. They oppose Sir ji and protect Muskaan. Sir ji shoots down the girls, who swear that they won’t let him run the brothel again. Ronak burns the black money. The girls push Tabassum into the fire to punish her. Sir ji saves his life and runs away from there.

Gayatri thanks the girls for saving Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak sends the injured girls to the hospital. Ronak calls the minister and blackmails him. Ronak tells them that they have to find Sir ji and arrest him, since he would make the video of their plotting viral. Minister agrees to get Sir ji arrested. Ronak feels Sir ji’s chapter will soon end. Sir ji has lost Tabassum and the black money also. He goes to meet Maalik and sells Muskaan for five crores. He tells Maalik that he will get Muskaan to him. Lovely accuses Muskaan for being responsible for Dipendar’s death. Ronak clears the matter that Sir ji has killed Dipendar.

Lovely doesn’t listen to Ronak. She stops Muskaan from attending the puja. Sir ji calls Bua to know about the family. Bua gives him the update of the family. Sir ji gets tracked by the police. He runs away and reaches a drama company. He takes the Sadhu’s disguise to enter the house. He wants to kidnap Muskaan. He fools the family and tricks even the police. He has evil motives to turn Muskaan’s life hell again. Sir ji kidnaps Gayatri and Muskaan. He compels Muskaan and sells her to Maalik. Muskaan makes a sacrifice to save Gayatri’s life. Ronak would be saving Gayatri and Muskaan, by killing evil Sir ji, unaware that Sir ji has already invited an enemy for them. Maalik enters as the new evil in Muskaan’s life.

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