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Star Plus Daily Delights Top Highlights Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Pooja insists to meet Kalyani Bua. She doesn’t know Kalyani is her mum. She touches Kalyani’s feet and feels some connection. Amma asks Pooja not to worry for her mum. Kabir tells Sonali that Pooja would never find her mum in the house. Pooja wants to know who is Kalyani. She threatens Kabir that she will expose Prem’s evil truth to Kalyani. Sonali takes Kalyani’s disguise. She scolds Pooja and asks her not to act good. Kabir asks Pooja not to get insulted by Bua again. Kabir sends away Pooja and praises Sonali.

Pooja is worried for her mum. Amma is still finding Pooja’s mum. Pooja doesn’t want to marry Kabir. She asks Kabir where did he hide her mum and why. She wants to meet her mum once. Pooja hits Kabir with a bat when he doesn’t respect.

Kabir stops her. He finds Ranjeet in his place. He warns Ranjeet. He asks Pooja not to do any mistake. He asks Pooja to prepare halwa for the family. Kabir troubles her by asking her to prepare the perfect halwa. He wants to make her an ideal bahu, as she used to act before. Suman wants to tell Dada ji about Pooja’s mum. She stops telling the truth on seeing Pooja. She doesn’t want this marriage to happen. Pooja serves halwa to Rani. Rani gets against Pooja because of her jealousy. Chopra learns that Kabir has kidnapped Pooja’s mum.

He wants to find Pooja’s mum to stop the marriage. Rani gets the bridal dress and wants to marry Kabir. Kabir takes care of Pooja’s mum. He promises to make her meet Pooja and Rani. He feels everything will get fine once he marries Pooja.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Upcoming:

Abir manages to get Kunal for the marriage in time. He also rushes to the airport and stops Mishti from leaving. He unites Kunal and Kuhu. He gets them married. Kuhu is very happy. Mishti meets her family and apologizes to her. She hugs Kuhu and promises to always protect her. Kuhu tells Mishti that she was also missing her. Kuhu’s dream of marrying Kunal is fulfilled. She forgives Mishti. She is scared that Kunal doesn’t like Mishti. Kuhu faces Meenakshi’s annoyance. Mishti unites with her family after Abir clears all the misunderstandings. Abir clicks the happy family pictures.

Also read, Muskaan:

Sir ji manages to enter the house by another deceive. He takes a Sadhu’s disguise to enter the house. Bua asks the guards not to check the Sadhu’s attire and accessories, since it will be an insult. She asks Sir ji to start the prayers for house peace. Muskaan takes care of Ronak. She asks him to be with Lovely for a while. He is afraid that Sir ji can attack them. He worries for Muskaan. She tells him that she is happy that he cares for her so much. She wants to confess love to him. She asks him to come back soon. Sir ji asks the entire family to sit in the havan. Ronak informs the police about Sir ji’s possible attack.

Muskaan gets ready and decorates the room to surprise Ronak. Sir ji asks everyone to pray together. He adds some powder in the havan kund, and faints the family members. Ronak understands his plan and tries to rush to Muskaan. He also faints down. Sir ji takes the entire family with him. He goes to trick Muskaan. He tells her that Ronak will die because of her today. He gets a knife to kill him. Hanumant stops Sir ji from killing Ronak. Sir ji attacks Hanumant. Hanumant dies while saving Ronak. Sir ji takes Muksaan with him.

Muskaan tries to awaken Gayatri and others. Sir ji flees from there. Ronak gets conscious and finds Hanumant stabbed. He learns that Sir ji has kidnapped Muskaan and entire family. Sir ji risks his entire family. Ronak reaches the brothel and fights Sir ji. He blasts the brothel after saving his family. He doesn’t find Muskaan there. Sir ji deals Muskaan with Maalik and sends her too far from Ronak. Muskaan makes a sacrifice to save Gayatri and other family members. Will Ronak reach Muskaan on time and save her? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

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