Kasautii Upcoming conspiracy against Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Tangled love twists for Prerna

Kasautii Upcoming conspiracy against Prerna Mohini threatens Sharda Maasi. She takes Maasi along with her to reveal the party pictures. She catches Maasi red-handed in the act. Prerna, Shekhar and others try to help Veena. Prerna wants to take complaint back. Inspector tells her that Sharda has filed the complaint, and only she can withdraw it legally. Prerna gets troubled. She assures her family that she will help Veena at any cost. Maasi gets insulted by Mohini. Maasi acts that she loves Mr. Bajaj a lot. Mohini asks her if she hates him and wants to kill him. Maasi can’t believe the pictures. Mohini tells her that she has taken the pictures from the photographer.

She asks her why did she frame Veena in the incident. Maasi asks Mohini not to show the pictures to Mr. Bajaj or Prerna. Anupam overhears their conversation and realizes that Veena is innocent. Maasi tells that she just wanted to trap Veena, she didn’t intend to harm Mr. Bajaj. Mohini tries to hide the matter from Anupam. Anurag calls him to know if Prerna’s family is fine. Anupam hides the matter from him. Anurag learns Veena’s arrest. Anupam tells that Mr. Bajaj’s aunt herself has hurt him in the planned accident and framed Veena. Anurag gets angered. He wants to return home. He hates Mr. Bajaj.

He doesn’t want to leave Prerna alone in tough times. He books his tickets. Shivani hates Prerna for falling so low. Suman also insults Prerna. Shekhar shows his faith in Prerna. She tells him that she will do anything to help Veena. She finds Vyas and meets him to know why he has hired Veena knowing the party is in Basu house. She blames him for obeying Mr. Bajaj to insult Veena. Vyas clears her misunderstanding that Mr. Bajaj has hired Veena just to help her, since Veena wanted to manage her family expenses. He tells that Mr. Bajaj is a kind hearted person, and wanted to hide his favor. Prerna feels bad that she had blamed Mr. Bajaj.

She meets him at the hospital. She apologizes for doubting his intentions. Maasi tells Tanvi that Mohini holds proof against her. Tanvi panics. Maasi is confident to handle Mohini. Maasi wants to withdraw the complaint against Veena. Mohini wants Veena in jail so that Prerna cries in sorrow. Mohini conspires to take revenge on Prerna for breaking Anurag’s heart.

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