Star Plus Highlights 22nd August 2019

Sanjivani Unexpected Shockers for Sid and Ishani

Star Plus Highlights 22nd August 2019 Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Kabir loses Pooja’s mum. Pooja learns this and threatens to ruin him. She tells him that she won’t marry him. Pooja tells him that she won’t spare him if her mum suffers. Rani tells Pooja that they will find their mum soon. She feels Pooja is fooling her and wants to marry Kabir. She plans to replace Pooja in the marriage mandap. Amma and Pooja try hard to find Pooja’s mum. Chopra and his son want to find her as well so that they can stop the marriage. They think if Kabir has hidden Pooja’s mum at home itself. They try to find her at home. Kabir and Sonali try to find Pooja’s mum and capture her back, before she reaches Pooja.

Pooja gets angry and is compelled to do a puja for Prem’s soul peace. She hates Prem and did everything for her revenge. Pooja asks Kabir to leave from her house. She tries to oust Kabir and his family. Kabir assures that he will find her mum. Kabir gets Pooja’s mum wandering on the roads. He makes a video call to Pooja. He tells her that he has got her mum and now she has no option left. He asks Pooja to marry him. Pooja asks him to not hurt her mum. She sees her mum on the video call and turns emotional. Kabir feels guilty for troubling Pooja. He wants to teach her a lesson and make her realize her mistakes.

He returns home and tells Suman that he will marry Pooja. Pooja realizes that Kalyani is actually her mum, hidden by Kabir. She runs to find her mum in guest room. Kabir tells Pooja that he had shifted her mum to another place, since he isn’t much foolish. Rani gets Pooja kidnapped. She takes Pooja’s place to marry Kabir. Kabir takes Rani to the mandap. Pooja doesn’t know who kidnapped her to save her from unwanted marriage. Kabir finds Pooja and marries her, failing Rani’s plans.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Sanjivani 2: Dr. Sid gets help from the security guard, who lets him enter Sanjivani, since the hospital needs a qualified doctor like Sid in such a crucial hour. Sid thanks the guard. Vardaan wants Rishabh to check Sania and send her away. Rishabh tells that Sania is stable and she can be sent out now. Ishani defends Sania, who needs a medical treatment. Vardaan tells Ishani that Sania isn’t innocent, she is a terrorist’s daughter. Sid wants to perform Sania’s surgery. Rishabh and Vardaan remind Sid that he is suspended. Vardaan throws out Sid again.

Ishani fights with Vardaan to save Sania. Juhi and Anjali have a clash of opinions on a case. Juhi proves her expertise. Anjali clears that she doesn’t like Juhi at all. Ishani tries to find Sid. Rishabh tells Vardaan that he can throw out Ishani as well. Vardaan tells him that Ishani is from an influential family, her uncle is a reputed doctor and they can’t upset him. He wants to use Ishani in his plans. Ishani finds Sid with Sania. She finds him treating Sania. She hides them from Vardaan. Sid wants to save a life. Sid tells Ishani that he can do anything to help people. Ishani is thankful to him. He asks her why is she breaking the rules for Sania. She tells him that Vardaan is breaking the rules of humanity.

She wants to fight against injustice. She tells Sid that they need to take Sania to the operation theatre. He tells her that Vardaan won’t let them operate Sania. Sid and Ishani cover up Sania and get help from the same security guard. Shashank and Juhi learn that Vardaan had ousted Sania from the hospital, since Sania is a terrorist’s daughter. Juhi tells Shashank that Sania was critical and needed immediate treatment. He asks her if Sid has seen Sania’s state. He is rest assured that if Sid was around, then Sid would save Sania’s life. Sid and Ishani find Shashank’s team in the operation theatre.

He is thankful to Shashank for sending the team in time to assist him. Sid tells Ishani that the team will help them in operating Sania. Rishabh tricks Sid to catch him. Rishabh obstructs Sid. He collects a video proof against Sid to trap him in a huge problem. He leaks the video and tags Sid as a terrorist’s helper. Rishabh gets Sid and Sanjivani in bad light by taking help of the media.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

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