Tellyreviews Hit Spoilers 22nd August 2019

Tellyreviews Hit Spoilers 22nd August 2019

Tellyreviews Hit Spoilers 22nd August 2019 Gathbandhan Bharat gets bitten by the scorpion. He gets admitted in the hospital. He had hidden the scorpion in the Dahi handi so that Dhanak gets bitten by it. He pays for his crimes. Maai feels Bharat is useless and its better he dies. She meets him at the hospital. She gets her goon to kill Bharat. She wants to kill Bharat. He tells her that she won’t get anything by killing him. He tells her that he can help her in separating Raghu and Dhanak, by divide and rule policy. Maai spares his life and accepts his help. Raghu and Dhanak meet Bharat to take his welfare. They care for Bharat. They explain Maai to reconcile with Bharat.

Maai does an emotional drama in front of Raghu. She forgives Bharat. She hides her aide from Dhanak and helps him flee. Meanwhile, Dhanak plans a romantic surprise for Raghu. He gifts flowers to her. She gets allergic to the flowers. She sneezes a lot and breaks the romance. Maai and Bharat make new plans to create a rift between Raghu and Dhanak.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:

Kunal and Kuhu finally get married. Kunal marries unwillingly. Kuhu doesn’t know that his love was fake. She takes the love and marriage vows by all her heart. She wants Mishti and Kunal’s annoyance to end. Abir and Mishti celebrate happiness with their families. They all dance and congratulate the newly weds. Kuhu senses Kunal’s unhappiness on seeing Mishti. Kunal is compelled by Meenakshi.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani faced an attack from Ketki. She gets saved. Ketki fails to kill Kalyani. Kalyani exposes Ketki’s truth to Malhar. She tells Malhar that Ketki is behind Atul’s disappearance. Kalyani tells that she had a doubt on Ketki and she gathered a proof against her as well. She shows the video to Malhar. Ketki is smart enough to fail Kalyani. Sampada is supporting Kalyani now. Ketki fools Malhar. He gets defending Ketki. Ketki makes Kalyani and Malhar fight. Anupriya and Sampada take a stand for Kalyani.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Suman asks Badal to go from there when he comes to meet her in her room. She tells him that she has decided to marry Arjun and he will be her future. Badal asks her not to accept defeat and don’t get afraid. He says I will find out some way. Suman says I don’t want to find anyway, I am tired of this fighting. I don’t want to be with you. She asks him to leave and pushes him out of her room asking him not to come again. She closes the door and cries.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Maha Maya gets angry after Bhujang rescues Shalaka. She blames Adhiraj and takes out his anger on him. Adhiraj vents out his anger on Mohini and says your face is exposed in front of me, I know why you have come here. He tells that he won’t let her succeed in her aim. Mohini gets shocked and tries to clear his doubt. Everyone in the Naaglok rejoices to see Shalaka back with them.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Mayura reveals to Ram that she got saved from the fire, but Raghav was killed in that fire. She says he came to rescue me, but he died. Ram consoles Mayura and promises her that he will get her justice and asks him to give her some time. Mayura agrees. Premlatha thinks where is son? Mayura and Ram are taking back the coffin when Servant throws water on it by mistake. Rivaaj gains consciousness in the coffin. Servant cleans the water. Mayura gets worried and thinks if Rivaaj wakes up. Rivaaj bangs his head on the coffin. Later, Premlatha calls Rivaaj. Mayura asks him to divert her. They leave the coffin there and go to do puja. Ram and Mayura sit together. Rivaaj makes the loud sound and gains everyone attention. Kesha calls him. Roop attends the call and hears the sound from coffin. Ram tries to hide Rivaaj.


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