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Star Plus Friday Snips Two Hits Upcomings Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Rani kidnaps Pooja and sends her away. Kabir tells the family that he will go and get Pooja. He goes to Pooja’s room. He breaks inside the door. He finds the bride ready. He suspects when he holds her hand. He lifts the veil and sees Rani. He asks her where is Pooja. Rani lies that Pooja didn’t wish to marry and made her sit in her place. She tells him that Pooja has run away. Kabir knows Pooja’s madness. He tells her that Pooja can do anything for her mum, she will never risk her sister’s future. He asks her not to lie. She tells him that she loves him and wants to marry him. She asks him why is he marrying Pooja when he doesn’t love her. She asks him to accept her love, and promises to support him in his revenge against Pooja.

She doesn’t care for her mum. She tells him that she will be loyal to him. Kabir tells her that she isn’t loyal to even her sister. He regrets that Rani is her sister. He scolds her for cheating her sister. He tells her that this isn’t love that she thinks. He asks her not to ruin Pooja’s life. Rani tells him that he isn’t a nice person, he has kidnapped her mum. He tells her that he is doing everything for his family. She refuses to tell about Pooja even when he insists. He is sure to find Pooja somehow. He tells her that he will not tell Pooja about her. He wants to find Pooja and marry her. He asks Rani to better change herself.

Kabir and Pooja’s absence worries Suman. Kabir gets Pooja’s fallen jewellery and follows to the place to find her. Rani asks her goon to take Pooja far from the house. Suman and Kabir rescue Pooja from the goons. Kabir takes Pooja for the aid. He asks Pooja if she planned this to stop the marriage. He asks her to get ready for the marriage. Pooja gets emotional seeing her mum’s video. Kabir and Pooja get married. Rani threatens of suicide to compel Pooja. Kabir decides the marriage vows and wants to explain the meaning of marriage to her. Will Kabir change Pooja’s perception? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Tanvi is worried that Maasi will land in jail. Maasi tells her that Mohini hates Prerna’s family and won’t do anything to help Veena. She asks Tanvi to rest assured, Prerna has many enemies. She asks her to go to the hospital and be with Mr. Bajaj. Prerna meets Mr. Bajaj and learns that he isn’t gaining consciousness. She feels sad for Mr. Bajaj. She asks the doctors to help him recover soon. She doesn’t want to hate Mr. Bajaj knowing his good deeds. Tanvi worries that Prerna is still believing Mr. Bajaj. She feels Maasi’s plan didn’t work.

Anurag informs Anupam that he landed in Kolkata and will be home in some time. He postpones the meeting. He wants to help Veena. Anupam asks him to focus on his life. Anurag keeps his promise to Prerna. Tanvi informs Maasi that Prerna is with Mr. Bajaj, and maybe Prerna is developing feelings for him. Maasi doesn’t think this would happen. She doesn’t know what’s happening in Prerna’s mind, since Prerna would have known about the person filing complaint against Veena. She wants to stay in Prerna’s good books. Mohini asks her not to help Veena and let her be in jail for long, so that Prerna regrets her doings. Nivedita asks Mohini what is she up to. Mohini doesn’t tell her about Maasi’s crime. She hides that Veena is innocent.

She tells Nivedita that she wants peace in the house, they better shouldn’t fight with Mr. Bajaj’s family. She accepts that she hates Prerna’s family. Prerna confronts Maasi for filing the case. Maasi apologizes to her and expresses her concern for Mr. Bajaj. She tells Prerna that Mr. Bajaj doesn’t forgive anyone easily. She scares Prerna of his anger. She tells Prerna that Mr. Bajaj won’t spare Veena. She confuses Prerna further. She acts good towards Prerna and Veena. Prerna doesn’t know what Maasi actually wants to do.

Tanvi can’t tolerate Prerna with Mr. Bajaj. She confesses love to him. Doctor wonders why Mr. Bajaj isn’t responding to medicines. Tanvi doesn’t want Mr. Bajaj to suffer more. Prerna can’t see Veena in jail. She asks Maasi to withdraw the case. Maasi agrees to help Veena. She tells Prerna that she has done everything for Mr. Bajaj. Prerna bonds with Sneha. Maasi tells Prerna that Sneha might be scared. She asks Prerna if she will stay with Sneha or go to Veena. She traps Prerna in her plans. She doesn’t want Veena to get released. Anurag meets Veena and assures to help her. Veena accepts his help. She regards him a son. She apologizes for whatever Prerna did to him.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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