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Tellyreviews Spoilers Friday Alert Top 5 Today Tujhse Hai Raabta Anupriya falls in quicksand. She was going to pluck a flower for her puja. She wants to pray for Malhar and Kalyani. She shouts for help. Kalyani tries to save her. Sarthak and Kalyani get a rope and extend it to Anupriya. Kalyani can’t leave Anupriya in danger. Kalyani succeeds to save her mum. Anupriya cries that she couldn’t fulfill the puja. Sarthak has feelings for Anupriya. Kalyani is happy seeing Sarthak with Anupriya. The ladies taunt Anupriya and Sarthak for their relation. Kalyani consoles a crying Anupriya. Sarthak doesn’t get scared of the people’s taunts and expresses his feelings for Anupriya. Kalyani plans to get them married.


Ronak tries to find a route to Vidhangarh. He learns about a battle happening between two villagers for women. Ronak thinks it would be really hell if this is true. He thinks where did Sir ji send Muskaan. He asks the man to help him with the route. He is determined to go there. The village heads and villagers fight for Muskaan. Ronak finally reaches Vidhangarh. Muskaan tells the panchayat head that she isn’t from this village, she is from Kolkata city. The Sarpanch doesn’t listen to her. He asks the villagers to fight and whoever wins by their might would get her. Muskaan meets Maalik and recalls that she had met him in the school charity funds event. She asks him to help her and let her go. She requests him in the scary situation.

Maalik tells her that he had paid Sir ji to get her. He is ready to fight the men to get her. Maalik and Hukum keep the wrestling match. Muskaan is worried watching their madness. The men treat Muskaan as a winning trophy. Ronak enters the village and asks a boy about the people. The boy tells him that the entire village has gone to the wrestling ground, to know if they will win the girl. Ronak asks about the wrestling ground location.

Maalik recalls killing his aide Lallu. He doesn’t reveal that Muskaan belongs to a brothel. She thinks he will lose his name if the villagers know that he has got a brothel girl. Ronak looks for Muskaan. Maalik wins the wrestling match and claims Muskaan. Ronak finds Muskaan in deep trouble. He loses his cool. He wants to make a smart plan to rescue Muskaan.

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Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki meets Anaro at the hospital. Anaro tells Nimki that she can never get rid of Babbu. Nimki knows that Anaro’s son will never return. Mintu Singh makes an entry in Nimki’s life. He resembles Babbu in looks. Nimki gets emotional when she finds Abhimanyu and Sweety’s happy married life. She misses out such happiness and wishes that Babbu was a good husband for her. She regrets to marry a wrong man.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Kabir tells Rani that he doesn’t love Pooja. He also clears that he has no feelings for Rani. He refuses to marry Rani. He rescues Pooja from Rani’s clutches. Kabir gets Pooja to the mandap and compels her for marriage. He marries Pooja and becomes her husband just to fulfill his revenge. His main aim is to calm her revenge fire. Pooja tells him that she will make his life hell. He asks her to focus on herself. He wants to make her realize what does marriage mean. He doesn’t lose and completes all the rituals, despite her unwillingness. Kabir tells Pooja that her mum was at home until now. She asks him to bring her mum back. Kabir unites Pooja with her mum.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:
Sonakshi graces the Teej function in Sippy house. She wants to support Rohit just because of Veena’s question. She loves Rohit a lot and hopes that the fake girlfriend drama turns true for her. She wants to give a chance to love. She feels Rohit will soon start feeling for her. Sonakshi’s hope turns true. Sippy women keep the fast for their husbands. They get surprised knowing Sonakshi’s fast for Rohit. Rohit gets impressed with Sonakshi, seeing her sincerity in relations. He thanks her for keeping his family’s heart.


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