Kulfi Kumar Amyra to unravel the secret mystery

Kulfi Kumar Amyra to unravel the secret mystery

Kulfi Kumar Amyra to unravel the secret mystery Sikandar, Kulfi and Amyra reach the chawl room. Himmat Kaur tells Sikandar that they can occupy the room and do some cleaning. She tells him that he shouldn’t believe the people. Amyra tells Sikandar that there is nothing inside, like someone robbed the house. Sikandar and Kulfi laugh and explain Amyra that its matter of few days, they have to stay here and then find some way. They tell Amyra that nothing is robbed, the room was already emptied so that they can live there with their stuff. Amyra finds it hard to stay there. Sikandar tells her that their good days will return. He asks Kulfi to explain Amyra as well.

On the other hand, Nihalo is after Lovely. She tells Lovely that they can help each other and escape from the jail. Lovely tells Nihalo that this isn’t easy. Nihalo tells her that she is also serving the punishment for the same crime. Later, Amyra tries to kill the mosquitoes. Kulfi finds the milk bowl getting empty. She wants to find out who is living with them secretly. Amyra gets troubled by the chawl kids. Amyra and Kulfi get together to get saved from the kids’ bullying. A boy likes Kulfi defending Amyra. He tells her about the party happening at night.

Kulfi gets mistaken that the party is happening in their welcome. Amyra too looks ahead to party. Sikandar starts gathering his resources to fight Jimmy. He wants to take his daughters home. He just has his talent and golden voice left with him. Kulfi and Amyra find a girl living in their room. They get into an argument with the girl. Kulfi wants to find the secret of the room. Kulfi encourages Amyra to stay strong, so that they can become Sikandar’s strength.

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