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Star Bharat Prime Time Hits Highlights Muskaan falls in a huge trap by Maalik. Muskaan begs to Amma to let her go. Amma doesn’t pity her. Muskaan realizes that she won’t get any help. Amma asks her to have food and go to sleep. Chamki tells Muskaan that she is sold to Muskaan. She fears that her life will get ruined. Muskaan consoles her and promises to save her. Ronak sees them at the window. He is happy to see Muskaan fine. He wants to reach Muskaan. Amma gets clothes for the girls and asks them to get ready for Janmashtami function. Muskaan obeys Amma and makes a plan to escape. Inder catches Ronak and gets him to Maalik. He tells Maalik that Ronak isn’t from their village.

Maalik questions Ronak about his motives to come here. Ronak fools Maalik and tells him that he has just come to get a good job in the village. He asks Maalik to hire him. He gets praising Maalik and wins his trust. Maalik asks him if he has come for getting a girl. Ronak denies that and gets a chance to show his talents. He is sure to impress Maalik. Muskaan asks Chamki to stay alert and away from the men’s sight. Amma asks them not to unveil their face in front of the village men. Muskaan sings a song, which impresses Maalik. The men like Muskaan’s song. Maalik is happy to have Muskaan home. Hukum visits Maalik and Amma.

Amma reveals that Hukum is also her son. Hukum is her eldest son, Maalik’s stepbrother. Maalik asks Hukum not to see Muskaan, since he has lost the chance. He tells that he will give him another chance, if Hukum’s men get the Dahi handi, then he can meet Muskaan. Hukum sends his men to compete in the Dahi handi competition. Ronak wins the game by getting the Dahi handi safely down. He wants to get a chance to meet Muskaan, just to assure her that he has arrived to save her.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 1/5
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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Kainat is too happy to go on a date with Zaroon. Madhav wants to bring Saltanat to consciousness. Zaroon asks Kainat where does she want to go. She tells him that she will go wherever he wants. He buys flowers on the way which makes her happy. Zaroon gets Kainat to the graveyard. She gets a shock and asks him why did they come here. He tells her that they will put flowers on the grave and pray for Kainat. She scolds him for bringing her to graveyard on their first date. Zaroon apologizes to her. Kainat acts emotional on her sister’s death. She asks Zaroon to let her go alone and offer prayers. She can’t believe seeing the grave empty.

She doesn’t think Saltanat is alive. She doesn’t want Zaroon to know this. He gets peace in the graveyard. She stops Zaroon from seeing the empty grave and ties him in a promise. She makes him promise that he will never visit Kainat’s grave. She wonders where did Saltanat’s dead body go from the grave. Madhav tells Saltanat that once she gets alive, he will not spare her. Kainat doesn’t know who is behind this. Ghazala is happy that Zaroon and Saltanat are mending their relation. Zaroon thanks her. He tells her that she is most important to him. Ghazala and Rubina have an argument to provoke Zainab.

They want Zainab to react and break out of coma. Rubina sheds tears when Zainab doesn’t respond. Ghazala consoles her and gives her hopes that Zainab will be fine soon. Ghazala asks Zaroon why did he go to the graveyard. Zaroon tells her that he isn’t able to forget Kainat, the guilt isn’t letting him move on. He feels like someone has removed his soul from his body. Ghazala asks him to focus on his marriage with Saltanat. Madhav tortures Saltanat by his unique ways and gets Saltanat to consciousness.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 1/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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