Kulfi Kumar learns Conspiracy against Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar learns Conspiracy against Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar learns Conspiracy against Sikandar begins Kulfi and Amyra get in a queue to fill water for themselves. Kulfi tells Amyra that they need water for complete day usage. Amyra feels upset when she meets her friends. She finds her friends donating old toys in the chawl. Amyra feels insulted and hides behind Kulfi. Amyra gets sighted by her friend, who questions her about staying in the chawl. Amyra lies that she has come to donate few things in the chawl. The chawl kids tell Amyra’s friends that Amyra is living in the chawl with them. Amyra feels crying and runs to the room. She wants to hide herself instead getting known as a chawl room tenant. Kulfi goes to cheer up Amyra.

She tells Amyra that things will get fine soon, bad time doesn’t stay for long. Sikandar arranges a fan for the room. Amyra asks him why didn’t he get an AC. Sikandar couldn’t afford an AC. He tells her that the fan is a better option than an AC. Kulfi helps him and tells him that his choice is really good. Sikandar is happy that Kulfi is with him to manage Amyra. The chawl people plan the party. Some people are against Sikandar. Sikandar and his daughters go to attend the party. Amyra asks if this is a welcome party. The lady asks her to get food from her house also. Amyra tells her that they didn’t cook anything.

The lady tells about the get together, where everyone shares their homemade food and party. Sikandar tells them that he didn’t know about it. Sikandar gets to hear the taunts. He gets angry, but controls himself. Sikandar asks Kulfi and Amyra to forget the party and come with him. He asks them to sleep early. Amyra gets scared hearing some dogs. She goes to sleep near Kulfi. Sikandar doesn’t want to lose courage. Himmat encourages him and tells him that he has to live for the sake of his daughters. She tells him that he has two reasons to live, Kulfi and Amyra. She asks them to think of their love, bad times will pass soon.

Sikandar thanks Himmat for her kind words. Kulfi and Amyra get troubled by a kid. Amyra gets into a fight. Himmat tries to sort the girls’ fight. Kulfi realizes that the people aren’t bad to hurt them, but look angry as they are living in the unwanted chawl room. She wants to find the secret of the room. She consoles Amyra and convinces her to stay in the chawl for more days. Kulfi gets to hear the chawl people plotting against Sikandar. The people plan to make Sikandar’s life tough. Kulfi wants to win their hearts by her strength, music.

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