Rishtey Pyaar Ke Romance, Sad shockers and twists

Rishtey Pyaar Verdict on Abir Mishti's relation

Rishtey Pyaar Ke Romance, Sad shockers and twists Kunal and Kuhu’s differences get high. He clears that he doesn’t love her and he doesn’t want her in his house. He asks her to go home and don’t return. The family thinks Kunal and Kuhu are happy. They are happy and plan a party. Mishti thinks of Kuhu and herself. She feels she shouldn’t have fought with her. She messages Kuhu that she is her well wisher and she wants her best. Kuhu feels that her dream wedding shattered. She gets Mishti’s message and gets angry. She holds Mishti responsible for her bad marriage. She doesn’t want to forgive Mishti. Kuhu is upset because of Kunal.

She thinks she should talk to Kunal once. Kunal feels sorry to play villain in Kuhu’s life, just because of Meenakshi. Kunal cares for Kuhu. He wakes up Kuhu and asks her to go home for Pagphere. Kunal gets disheartened. Mishti imagines Abir waking her up with love. Abir wants to see Mishti’s face first. He doesn’t open eyes to see anyone. He makes a video call to Mishti. Rajshri answers the call. Abir wants to see Mishti. He acts odd and then tells Rajshri that he was calling Mishti to describe the girl of his dreams.

Rajshri tells him that she will find a nice girl for him. Abir lies to Rajshri about his fight with Mishti. Mishti gets angry on Abir. Abir grows her jealous by demanding a nice life partner for him. Later, Abir tells Kuhu that he will also come along to drop her home for Pagphere. He thinks to meet Mishti and plan their date. Abir and Mishti romance and get saved from Rajshri in the nick of time. Rajshri fails to know about their love. Abir and Mishti come close on Kuhu’s Pagphere day. Abir is happy to become Mishti’s first and last boyfriend. They aren’t aware of Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage breaking down.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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