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Star Plus and Zee Just Spoilers Combo Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Antara learns Guddan and Akshat’s plans. She loses her cool when Akshat fools her to get his property back. Antara thinks to fail Guddan’s plans. She conspires to kill Mr. Honda. Antara accepts that she had killed Rawat as well. Akshat gets saved from Antara’s attack. He tells her that he knows to deal with her. He reveals that he has a proof of Rawat’s murder. Antara wants to know how she knows her truth. Akshat reveals his big plans and catches Antara. She stabs him, which shocks Guddan.

Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi and his goon Raka kidnap the groom from the mandap. They take Karan away to the room. Prithvi ties up Karan and tells him that he knows his truth. He doesn’t want to let Karan marry Preeta. Shrishti tries to find the groom. Prithvi tells Karan that he is obsessed with Preeta, she is his love and he will surely marry him. He snatches the groom’s clothes for Karan and gets dressed up to head to the mandap. Prithvi tries to get saved from Shrishti who spies a lot.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Rohit and Sonakshi finish the Teejri dinner. Sonakshi wants to leave for home. Rohit drops her home. Raima’s mum wants her to get treated. She wishes Raima to get fine soon. Rohit finds the ambulance stuck in traffic. Rohit wants to help the ambulance. Rohit gets close to see Raima. Raima will be recovering from coma.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:

Abir plans a great surprise for Mishti. He takes a thief’s disguise to trick Mishti. He gets her to the lakeside and then reveals the surprise. Abir tells Mishti that he always wanted to get her to the lakeside. They enjoy the peaceful time. Abir gets poetic to express love to her. He shows her the mirror, and tells her that she has really stolen his heart. Mishti gets happy seeing the romantic set up. She feels her dreams are turning true. Mishti tells him that she is worried for Meenakshi and Kunal’s take on their relationship. He assures that he will make Kunal accept her as part of family soon. Kuhu plans a surprise for Kunal.

She tells Kunal that she loved him before, but now she hates him for ending the marriage on the first day itself. She wants to celebrate her first day of marriage. She taunts Kunal for ruining everything. Kunal throws the cake and hurts her heart. He asks her to go to her family. Kuhu doesn’t want to hurt her family and returns to Rajvansh family. She tells him that she won’t reveal the marriage truth to anyone, since marriage isn’t a joke.

She tells him that she should have not got her home if he had courage. She doesn’t want to run away like a coward. Kunal wants to tell the marriage truth. Kuhu stops him from telling the truth to the family. She blackmails him that she will tell a big lie to the family to ruin his image. She tells that she will dump him before he calls off the marriage. Kuhu’s threatening works and he stops himself from breaking the marriage.



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