Kumkum Bhagya Abhi sorts Purab’s intense dilemma

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi sorts Purab's intense dilemma

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi sorts Purab’s intense dilemma Abhi tries to know Purab’s problems and sort it. Purab doesn’t want to share about Disha. He doesn’t know how Abhi will react since this matter involves Aaliya also. Abhi explains him the complexities of relationships. Purab feels lonely. Abhi asks him to vent out his emotions, since his heart will ache more. Purab is afraid to lose Disha. Abhi tells them that none can come between them, he will surely understand his issues. He doesn’t want to judge Purab. He knows Purab has met Disha. Purab confesses that he should spend time with Disha. Abhi tells him that he will support him always. Purab doesn’t want to leave Aaliya.

He feels that he has no way to get back to Disha. Abhi asks him to just think what he can leave for Disha. He feels Purab still loves Disha. Abhi tells Purab that everyone loves him, but Purab is still lonely as he loves Disha. He asks Purab not to have fear that Disha will move on with Ritik. He asks her to let Disha move on if she is happy. Abhi knows Disha well. He knows Disha will not accept Ritik in her life. Abhi asks Purab to end the tension and jealousy, which will be evident to Aaliya. He finds Purab worrying for Disha and Aaliya. He asks him the reason to stay with Aaliya. Purab doesn’t want Aaliya to go in depression.

He states that Aryan is the reason. Abhi asks him not to lie about the reason. Purab doesn’t want to hurt Aaliya. She gets depressed thinking he is cheating on her because of Disha. She doesn’t want Disha to snatch Purab. Disha feels sorry to hurt Aaliya so much. She wants to apologize to Aaliya. She didn’t intend to behave so badly with Aaliya. Purab cares for Aaliya. She breaks down by her suspicion growing on him. She confronts him about meeting Disha. He lies to her. She tells him that he is cheating on her, for which she has valid proof.

Purab can’t accept the allegations. Prachi finds Pragya’s books fallen. Abhi’s pictures gets beneath the bed because of the wind. Prachi finds the picture and decides to check it. Pragya wakes up before Prachi could see the picture of Abhi. Aryan meets Ranbir to discuss about Rhea and Prachi’s fight. Aryan has been scolded by Shahana. Ranbir asks him not to lose his respect and keep his name.

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