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Tellyreviews Spoilers Colors Today Top 3 Bahu Begum: Azaan tells Shayra that someone has purposely made her fall down the stairs. He tells her that he will soon prove that she hasn’t ignited the fire by her mistake. He wants help from the CCTV footage. He is sure that the real culprit will be seen in the footage. He tells Shayra that her innocence will be proved soon. He is hopeful that they will get rid of Noor’s conditions once the truth comes out. He asks her to have hopes and not give up on their love and marriage. Shayra gets more than joyed when she finds Azaan struggling to save their marriage. She feels it will be a miracle if she could end Noor’s hatred and win her friendly support again.

Bepannah Pyaar:

Raghbir’s bad terms with his family will be seen changing. Raghbir’s mum blames Pragati for making him away from them. Raghbir knows Pragati’s real efforts. He defends his wife in front of the family, which shocks everyone. Raghbir starts feeling for Pragati, unaware that she is his love Bani. Raghbir doesn’t let his mum insult Pragati over her background. Raghbir doesn’t want anyone to dare speak ill about his wife.

Choti Sarrdaarni:
Sarabjeet gets fuelled in anger after the shocking revelation by Meher regarding her pregnancy. He can’t believe that Meher was in love with Manav and was forced to marry him(Sarabjeet) by Kulwant. He pities Meher and on the other side, he is equally angry on her. He heads on a reckless drive, unconcerned for his life, since his marriage fell apart on the same day. He puts his life at risk. The thought of Param stops Sarabjeet from losing his cool. He accepts the fact that Meher will never love him. Sarabjeet heads back home to have a talk with Meher.

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