Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Humiliation Dose shocker by Sudha

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Sudha Shocks the Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Humiliation Dose shocker by Sudha Raman and Ishita convince Aaliya and Yug to perform the puja instead them, since Ishita has hurt her foot. Ishita makes Yug perform the puja since he has to take the project ahead. Arijit tries to manipulate Karan once again. He tells him that Raman really looks different, and didn’t perform the puja with Ishita. Karan states that Raman’s face has changed, but his heart is still the same. He asks Arijit not to fill his ears against Raman. Ruhi gets happy with the way Karan answers Arijit. Raman meets the minister and tries to prove his identity. Minister can’t believe Raman by his words. His assistant tries to confirm Raman’s identity.

Meanwhile, Sudha meets Karan and Bhallas. She feels Ruhi has influenced Karan and made him away from his mom. Raman tries to explain her that they are one family now. Sudha refuses to know him. Raman introduces his new change to Sudha. She likes the new drama and laughs on Raman. She insults Raman. She tells Ishita that if she can get anyone as Raman just for the sake of her business, then she won’t tolerate the fraud. She doesn’t want to get Karan married to Ruhi. Karan too confirms about Raman. Sudha feels Bhallas have fooled Karan. Sudha tells Karan that she was happy for Karan and Ruhi, but now she will not allow the marriage.

Karan worries when Sudha disapproves the marriage. Arijit enjoys the situation. Ishita asks Raman not to get hyper, since it will take a toll on his health. Sudha tells Ishita that she can’t believe new Raman and the huge changes. She insults Ishita for making a stranger turn into her husband. Karan asks the minister not to judge Raman by hearing Sudha’s confusion. Karan asks Sudha to agree for the alliance for the sake of his happiness. Arijit plans to manipulate minister’s assistant again. He didn’t call Sudha for his plans. He wonders how did Sudha come and turn helpful to him. Karan tells Sudha that Raman has cleared his doubts.

Sudha asks him not to believe Ishita blindly. Raman gets enraged thinking Ruhi is losing her happiness because of his new face. He asks the family not to cage him and let him sort the issues. Yug and Simmi assure that they will talk to Sudha. Sudha doesn’t get convinced by Karan and Ruhi. Ruhi begs to Sudha for her family’s sake. She wishes the event goes on smoothly. She asks Sudha to support them. Sudha feels the family disgusting. She wants them to throw the stranger out. Ishita tells them that Raman is really their family. Arijit acts supportive to Bhallas to provoke Sudha’s anger.

He asks Sudha not to spoil things for Bhallas. Sudha doesn’t listen to anyone. He tells Sudha that they can talk out things. Arijit calls the media to the event. He wants Raman to break down completely. He tells the minister’s assistant that Raman will have to give proof of his identity. He asks him to become the witness, since minister is funding the project. He bribes him for his purpose. Raman tells Simmi that he has to limit Sudha from creating a drama. Ishita bears the humiliation from Sudha. Raman takes an initiative to defend Ishita.

He reprimands Sudha for insulting his wife. Minister also loses belief in Raman. Raman struggles to prove his identity. Ishita becomes a pillar of support and justifies Raman. Ishita asks Raman to control his temper and not ruin things, since its about Ruhi’s future. Raman also wants to support Ruhi in getting her love. Ishita doesn’t accept defeat. She tries to find a way to convince the world.

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