Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Lovely gets an upsetting news

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Lovely gets an upsetting news

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Lovely gets an upsetting news Kulfi and Amyra try to talk to the chawl kids. They learn about the problems happening due to their room. Amyra tells them that there is a ghost in the room. The kids get scared. Kulfi agrees with Amyra. They learn the truth about a poor kid who used to stay in that room. They tell that the kid is missing since they are occupying the room now. They want to find the missing kid, who is their dear friend, not any ghost. Kulfi and Amyra want to find the kid and end the chawl people’s annoyance. Kulfi tells them that they didn’t wish to oust the kid from the room, Sikandar isn’t even aware of this.

On the other hand, Lovely gets hurt and finds difficulty in walking. She faces humiliation from the ladies. She learns that someone has come to meet her. She goes to see who from the family has come. Kulfi tells the kids that she couldn’t find the missing kid. Amyra arranges a pizza for free and tells Kulfi how she obtained it by her smartness. They find the pizza missing suddenly. They argue and blame each other for eating it. They wonder who has eaten it if they didn’t. Kulfi tells Amyra that maybe the missing kid is still hiding in the chawl. She wants to find the kid soon. When the power outage occurs, Kulfi and Amyra get scared.

Lovely gets surprised on meeting Sikandar. She asks him to help her and get her out of the jail. She tells how she feels suffocated in the jail cell. He asks her to repent for her sins and get free. She doesn’t want to do any repentance. She asks him how can he live on luxuries gifted by her dad. He tells her that they have lost the house. He reveals about Jimmy snatching the house and property. She is shocked to know that Sikandar has moved to a chawl. He tells her that he has taken Kulfi and Amyra with him to the chawl to find a shelter for temporary period. She tells him that Amyra can’t adjust there, he has to hurry and get the house back.

He doesn’t want to hurry to achieve his goals. He tells her the entire incident. He is happy that Amyra has learnt adjusting with life’s circumstances. He wants to make a house by his hard earned money. He tells her that he will become self sufficient soon. She asks him to help her. He refuses to bail her out. Lovely sheds tears. She feels he doesn’t care for her. The power supply in chawl gets cut. The people blame Sikandar for it. Himmat intervenes to sort the fight. Kulfi and Amyra are afraid of the people’s anger. They hide in the godown to stay safe. Kulfi looks for the missing kid in the godown. They find a ghost there. They actually find the kid.

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