Kumkum Bhagya Pragya to play cupid for Purab Disha

Kumkum Bhaggya Zee Snips Shakti Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya to play cupid for Purab Disha Disha is remorseful that Purab isn’t with her. She feels lonely. She wants to share her sorrow and tears with someone. She has lost everything. She misses Pragya. She wants to meet Pragya. She calls up Pragya to express her sorrow. Pragya gets worried on finding Disha shattered. She asks Disha to come home for a talk. Disha fails to inform her about Purab. Pragya awaits her at home. Ranbir asks Aryan to scold Shahana and end the matter so that she doesn’t yell at him again. Ranbir makes plans to give it back to Shahana.

They have a funny moment. Ranbir wants Aryan to get bitter in his speech. He pens down a sharp speech. Aryan doesn’t think they should be so rude towards a girl. Vikram asks Ranbir what is the secret talk going on. Ranbir hides the note from Vikram. Ranbir stops Aryan from revealing anything. Ranbir lies to Vikram.

Aaliya turns depressed that Purab is cheating her. She believes Disha’s lies. She risks her life by getting in front of a car. Purab runs to her rescue. Disha finds Purab and Aaliya on the way. She gets disturbed. Aaliya asks Purab to let her die if he wants Disha. Purab asks her to stop the madness to risk her life. He limits her anger. Aaliya asks him to apologize to her and stop meeting Disha. He clears that he isn’t cheating her.

Aaliya questions his feelings for Disha. He doesn’t want to put her in risk. He cares for Aaliya. He tells her that he was hiding the fact of helping Disha for a reason that she doesn’t worry. She doesn’t want to lose Purab. She makes him promise that he will be loyal to her. She apologizes for doubting on him. He doesn’t want her to attempt suicide again. Pragya awaits Disha. She becomes a strength pillar for Disha. Disha confesses about meeting Purab.

She feels sorry to mislead Aaliya by lying about Purab. Disha tells Pragya that Aaliya may harm herself in anger because of this lie. She clarifies that she isn’t cheating Aaliya. She feels bad that Purab isn’t with her. Disha cries on her bad fate. Pragya didn’t wish Purab and Disha to get separated. She wants to unite them.

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