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Tellyreviews Thursday Twists Upcomings Top 4 Nimki Vidhayak Nimki meets the minister Tiwari. He asks her not to give speech in the public without any permission. He tells her that working in politics isn’t easy. He asks her not to make promises to the public. He tells her that she isn’t the government, but just a minister. She tells him that she is part of the government, she has joined politics to work for the public. She wants to bring changes. She decides to work for the students welfare. She faces a tough time when Tiwari threatens to kill her.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:

Abir and Mishti celebrate Janmashtami together with their families. He gets Mishti on the top of the human pyramid. He asks her to attempt the tough things. Their families compete. Maheshwaris want Mishti to win. Rajvanshs want Abir to win and show them that they are better. Mishti and Abir reach the Handi. Abir gives her a fair chance. She makes him busy in talks and wins the Dahi handi competition. She breaks the Handi before he could make any move. Abir calls her a cheater. Mishti steals the attention once again, which makes Kuhu furious.


Hukum plans to meet Muskaan and tricks Maalik by sending the inspector. Maalik doesn’t agree to the advice. Muskaan tells Maalik that she wants to visit the temple. She wants to meet the Collector. Maalik doesn’t want her to go anywhere. Maalik awaits the goods truck at the godown. He calls Inder. He wonders where did his brothers go. Muskaan tells Amma that she wants to go to the market. Amma limits her from going anywhere. Muskaan blackmails her and tells her that she will tell Maalik about Amma’s decisions against him. Amma gets helpless to take her to the market. Muskaan goes to buy some flowers. She tricks Amma and runs away.

Amma informs Maalik that Muskaan has escaped again. Maalik knows that Muskaan has gone to meet the Collector at the temple. Ronak takes the truck ahead. He hides from the inspector. He puts Inder in the driver’s seat to get a clearance. Muskaan runs to the border. She gets ahead to step in the limits of Devinand. Hukum and his men await her with a plan. They try to get a glimpse of her. Muskaan slaps Hukum, which enrages him. Hukum goes to slap her back. Maalik stops Hukum with a warning. He asks Hukum not to dare touch Muskaan. Maalik beats the men and gets shot by one of them. Hukum tells Muskaan that this is happening because of her.

Muskaan takes him at knife-point and asks them to put the guns down. She tells them that she is a girl, but she doesn’t need help, she isn’t weak and helpless. Maalik gets surprised seeing her bold side. She teaches a lesson to Hukum. Maalik gets Muskaan home. Ronak drops Maalik’s brothers to the temple. Amma finds Maalik hurt and gets against Muskaan. She tells Maalik that Muskaan will cheat him too. Maalik asks Muskaan never to cheat him, else he won’t be able to forgive her. Amma does his aid. Maalik’s brothers return home and tell them about a girl tricking them. Ronak brings the truck home to impress Maalik.

He tells Maalik that he has found the truck parked near the temple. Maalik thanks Ronak for saving his goods. Ronak tries to meet Muskaan. She misses Ronak. He is relieved seeing her fine. Ronak sends a note for Muskaan. She gets happy on knowing that Ronak has arrived in Vidhangarh to save her. Muskaan rushes to meet Ronak, without getting caught by Maalik.

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Bahu Begum:
With a painful heart, Shayra makes Azaan ready as the groom for his marriage with Noor. Azaan reminds her the condition that she will head all the arrangements of his marriage. He tells her that he will not divorce her. Azaan tells her that he can never get separated from her. He wants Shayra as his wife. He gets ready to marry Noor. Razia curses Noor that she won’t be happy with Azaan ever. She isn’t happy with the marriage happening. Shayra, Noor and Azaan perform prayers for their better fate. Noor wants revenge on Shayra. Azaan wants to prove Shayra’s innocence and stop the marriage in the final moment.


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