Ek Bhram Sarvagun Huge twists for Pooja Kabir

Ek Bhram Shattering Separation and Love realization twist

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Huge twists for Pooja Kabir Pooja’s change is stunning Kabir. He doesn’t know if she is really changing or acting again. Pooja withdraws the legal case on Dhruv. She sets Dhruv free from the jail. Dhruv informs the family that he is getting free and would come back home soon. He wants to start a new life with his family. Rani wants to foil Pooja’s plans of proving her reformation to the family. Kabir asks Pooja’s mum if Pooja was evil since the start. Her mum tells him that Pooja cares for everyone, she is good-hearted and loves others. She tells him that Rani is selfish and troubles Pooja a lot. Kabir learns about Pooja’s good side. He thinks to awaken her hidden goodness.

Suman fixes a CCTV camera in the kitchen so that she can keep an eye on Pooja. She doesn’t want to trust Pooja who can add drugs in the food. Rani switches on the gas knob to have a cylinder blast. She wants Pooja to get blamed for the fire incident. Kabir returns home and tells Suman that he is absolutely fine. Pooja tries to help the family, who don’t trust her easily. Suman goes to boil some water. She isn’t aware of the gas leakage. Pooja stops Suman from igniting the stove.

She saves Suman from the possible blast. Suman blames her for putting her in trouble and acting to save her. Pooja confronts Rani for such evil tactics. Rani blames her for ruining everyone’s lives. She denies to accept her crimes. Chanda asks Kabir to spy on Pooja, else she can take any extreme step. Police arrives home to finish formalities in Dhruv’s case. Pooja signs the legal papers. She wants Dhruv to return. Suman is happy and feels Pooja has really changed. Kabir wants to test Pooja if she has really changed.

He tells Pooja about his mum’s location. He wants to see what will she do now. He finds Pooja behaving normal. He thinks she isn’t running to her mum, surprisingly. Suman gets a heart attack. Pooja tries to save her, but Rani locks them up in the house. She informs Kabir that Pooja is hurting Suman. Will Kabir believe Pooja or Rani? Keep reading.

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