Zee5 Coming Highlights Today Prime Three Hits

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee5 Coming Highlights Today Prime Three Hits Kumkum Bhagya: Disha tells the past story about how Aaliya separated Purab and her. She tells that Aaliya had sprayed water on herself, thinking this will be her last attack on Disha’s marriage with Purab. Aaliya created such a situation and landed herself in Purab’s bathroom. Disha had seen Aaliya with Purab in the bathroom, misunderstood Purab and confronted him, when Abhi’s music release function was going on. Purab fell in Aaliya’s trap. Purab believed Aaliya. He had upset Disha by supporting Aaliya.

Aaliya had played with Disha’s emotions, for which later Disha accused Aaliya. Purab stood by Aaliya. He had asked Disha not to accuse Aaliya’s character. Disha explains to Pragya that she left the home. The past chapter of Purab and Disha opens up. She tells that was the last day when she saw herself as Disha Purab Khanna and then left everything.

Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh asks Prithvi to prove his innocence. Prithvi says I am silent and giving respect to you and asks what is his mistake if Mahesh took his name, he might wanted to say something else. Sherlyn talks to Prithvi and says what she couldn’t do, her husband did and asks him to get rotten in jail all his life. She says if you come out of jail then I will slap fake case on you and send you to jail again. Prithvi gets angry. Sarla trusts Prithvi. Rakhi tells them that she can’t forgive Prithvi for trying to murder Mahesh.

Rajaa Beta: Pankhudi tells Purva that she is getting married to Sanju. Purva is upset with her decision. Pankhudi thinks she is marrying Sanju to get hospital and everything which Vedant had before. Vedant gets new hope of ray after doing a pregnant lady’s delivery in the car. The news comes on TV that Vedant has done a successful delivery of a lady in the car and saved both mother and baby. Purva watches the news and comes to Vedant. She feels happy thinking Vedant has done penance for the sin which he had done. She comes to meet Vedant at the place where he is staying.

Vedant sees her and gets surprised. Purva tells him that she is happy for him after he saved a baby. Vedant asks her if she has forgiven him. Purva says she can’t be upset with him for long, she is happy that he saved a baby and done his penance. She says she needs time to forget and forgive him. Dadi gets worried for Vedant.


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