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Star Plus Top 2 Upcomings 2nd September 2019 Kasautii Zindagii Kay Prerna and Anurag have a sweet moment when they care for each other. He gets too happy knowing she still loves him. He asks her if they can’t be friends. She tells him that they can’t be friends. He tells her that he is aware of this, since they are more than friends already. Mr. Bajaj finds Prerna missing and looks for her. Prerna asks Anurag to move on in life. He admits to still love her. He wants her to come back. She is helpless. She doesn’t listen to him. Mr. Bajaj finds them together and questions Anurag. Prerna avoids the odd situation. Mr. Bajaj expresses the truth that Prerna is his wife.

Anurag asks him not to doubt on Prerna. Mr. Bajaj shows his faith on Prerna. He tells Anurag that he married Prerna knowing her loyalty. Anurag tells Mr. Bajaj that Prerna just loves him (Anurag) and she will come back to him soon. Mr. Bajaj warns him against forcing Prerna to accept his love. Anurag challenges him that he will win Prerna back. He wants to save his relationship if he can. He promises to get Prerna back. Mr. Bajaj doesn’t care. He avoids talking to Prerna. He feels he has done wrong with Prerna and Anurag. He thinks he has married Prerna for the sake of his daughter, who has shown improvement after meeting Prerna. He doesn’t answer Prerna and goes to take help from Tanvi. Tanvi gets happy that he isn’t talking to Prerna. Maasi apologizes to Mr. Bajaj.

She fakes her concern for him. Mr. Bajaj forgives her. He tells her that Veena is a good-hearted lady. He feels Veena didn’t accept Prerna and his marriage yet. He asks her not to meet Veena until their relations get better. Shivani wants to do a job and assist Veena. She doesn’t want Veena to work again. Shivani tells Suman that Mr. Bajaj isn’t a good person. Suman wants Veena to continue the job. Prerna tries to talk to Mr. Bajaj. She wants to know why he is upset. He clears her misunderstanding that he doesn’t have any wrong intentions.

He asks her to behave well and not suspect him always. Tanvi gets caring for him. He gets a shocking call from his company. He goes to meet Anurag. Anurag is happy to see Mr. Bajaj’s reaction over the lost deal. Prerna wants to know what has happened suddenly. Mr. Bajaj and Anurag argue over a business deal. Nivedita wants Anurag to forget Prerna. Mr. Bajaj reminds Prerna that he trusts her. Prerna wants to explain Anurag to stop hurting her relation.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

Star Plus Top 2 Upcomings Sanjivani:
A person carries a gun to the hospital. He tells the doctors that his son is falling ill again and again. He feels the doctors are doing a business and duping money on the name of treatment. He scolds them for not treating the boy right. Sid and Ishani request the man to calm down and keep the gun aside. Sid rushes to save the boy. The man apologizes to Sid and asks him to save his son. Sid assures that he will try his best. Ishani recalls her bad childhood once again. She misses her parents. Rishabh is informed about Sid and Ishani picking a new case.

Rishabh realizes its his case actually. He wants to stop Sid and Ishani from checking the case details. Sid seeks an answer from Rishabh. Rishabh reveals about lead poisoning case. Sid feels the reason is something else. Rishabh doesn’t want Sid to interfere. Asha wants to assist Ishani. Juhi finds the doctors quarrelling. She asks them to take rest until Rishabh handles the test. Ishani feels she is missing something in the case. Juhi asks them to resume work tomorrow. Sid and Asha plan to party. Ishani wants to take some good sleep. Some girls beat up Sid and call him a liar. Ishani makes a video. She is happy to watch him beaten up.

The boy faces a memory loss. Neil realizes this. Rishabh sends the boy for the MRI test. Asha tries to defend Sid. She saves him from the girls. Sid tells the girls that they deserve a better guy. He apologizes to them since he likes them, but can’t be in a relationship with them. Ishani tells the girls that Sid is a fraud. The girls are crazy for him. They want to marry Sid. Ishani thinks Sid has much charm. She gets a hint watching the funny drama. She tells Sid that maybe the boy had consumed the bullet which led to the lead poisoning. Sid rushes to stop the MRI which maybe fatal for the boy. Aman sends the boy for the MRI. Sid announces to stop the MRI. Aman asks the boy if there is any metal in his body. The boy denies it.

Aman tells him that any metal may blast in the MRI machine. Sid and Ishani stop the MRI test. Rishabh questions them for the interference. Ishani reveals that the boy has swallowed a bullet, which is making his condition worse. She asks Rishabh why couldn’t he diagnose this. Ishani asks the boy if he has eaten the bullet from his dad’s gun. Sid comforts the boy by sharing his childhood story. He asks the boy if he has done the same and swallowed the bullets. He asks him to think of his dad’s happiness and peace. The boy admits that he had swallowed a bullet to fulfill a bet. Sid and Ishani prepare him for the surgery.

Rishabh asks them to leave, he will manage the surgery. Sid and Asha get Ishani to the pub for a party. Ishani doesn’t like to party. Sid and Asha celebrate Ishani’s birthday. Ishani gets happy. She misses good friends in her life. She thinks she has got friends finally. They get the news of the boy’s successful surgery.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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