Zee Prime Today Upcoming three highlights

Zee Prime Today Upcoming three highlights

Zee Prime Today Upcoming three highlights Raja Beta: Purva gets upset with Pankhudi after the latter bursts their anger on her. Vedant decides to open his own hospital following Dada ji’s values. He says it is not easy to establish the new hospital, but he got the strength after helping the pregnant lady deliver a baby. He gets inspiration from Usha ji to help as many patients as possible at reasonable charges. Purva meets Vedant. Vedant tells her that he knows exactly what had happened and tells her everything about Pankhudi, Ramesh, Sanju and Rahul’s plan. Purva gets shocked. She comes home and tells Pankhudi that she will ask her some questions and asks her to answer it rightly. Pankhudi gets tensed.

Kumkum Bhagya: Disha’s misunderstanding and Aaliya’s conspiracy have separated Purab and Disha. Purab is upset with Disha for not trusting him but trusting the situation which was not the truth. He tells Abhi that he thought that Disha and he were made for each other, but she never felt this, if she had felt the same as me then she would have been with me. He says I will never return to her. He doesn’t know about Aaliya’s conspiracy and thinks she stood by him all these years when he needed a companion. Abhi asks him to think again for his happiness.

Pragya suggests Disha talk to Purab and reconcile with him. Disha asks do you really believe in this? Pragya says yes. Disha asks then why don’t you return to Abhi? Pragya says their situation is different. Disha asks her to give a chance to Abhi and her relation.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan saves Preeta from the goons when they were dragging her forcibly in their jeep. He beats the goons badly when one of the goons aim the gun at Karan. Preeta is shocked. Karan and Preeta’s hidden love will be revealed before each other. Preeta comes in front of Karan to save him. Karan snatches the gun from the goon. Kareena thinks Rishabh is favoring and supporting Preeta and questions him saying the way he is supporting Preeta, fighting with them and becoming Preeta’s shield and says this is done by the person loving her.

Dadi asks what are you saying Kareena. Rishabh says Kareena Bua has said right and confesses his love for Preeta. Everyone gets shocked knowing he loves Preeta and not Sherlyn. Rakhi feels bad for getting him married to Sherlyn forcibly.

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