Colors TV Shows Spoilers Bahu Begum and more

Colors TV Shows Spoilers Bahu Begum and more

Colors TV Shows Spoilers Bahu Begum Noor knows the truth about Shayra’s innocence. Even then, she has married Azaan. He doesn’t accept Noor as his wife. He vents anger on her when he finds her stooping low to win him. Azaan dislikes this fact. He tells her that he didn’t expect her to ruin his life. Azaan gets away from Noor. Noor doesn’t stop following him. Noor tries to make Shayra jealous. Shayra wants Azaan to be happy. Azaan clears that he won’t be able to love Noor ever. Shayra has a belief in Azaan. He confesses his love for Shayra. He hugs her, while Noor ends up being jealous. Azaan tells Noor that she is just his namesake wife. Azaan doesn’t want to give false hopes to Noor.

Bepannah Pyaar:
Pragati’s belief doesn’t break. Raghbir acts drunk first and then reveals that he didn’t break the promise given to Pragati. While they dance and enjoy in the celebrations, Pragati finds Raghbir in danger. She risks her life to secure him first. Pragati saves Raghbir from a falling chandelier. He gets amazed seeing the way Pragati saved him in the last moment. He cares for Pragati. Raghbir starts believing in Pragati’s true love.

Choti Sardaarni:


Sarabjeet is upset with Meher. He finds her busy on a call. Dolly gets a fracture in her leg. She needs Meher’s assistance. Sarabjeet asks Meher to be with Dolly. When Meher leaves, Sarabjeet doesn’t like it. She tries to explain Sarabjeet. Harleen thanks Meher for calling up to order a wheelchair for Dolly. Sarabjeet realizes that Meher was taking a step for Dolly’s care. He feels sorry to doubt on her and tag her irresponsible. Sarabjeet apologizes to Meher. He feels happy that she is thinking so much for his family. Sarabjeet finds Meher giving her 100 percent to the new relations. He respects that and promises to always support her. Meher finds his trust falling weak since she revealed about her pregnancy. Will Meher work hard to gain his total trust? Keep reading.


  1. Hi All ( Gurmeet London UK) CHOTI SADARNI
    If Sarab son had Measels, and Meher was less than two months pregnant , this could be harmful to her unborn child


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