Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Pragya union finally Watch Promo

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Pragya union finally Watch Promo

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Pragya union finally Watch Promo Disha tells Pragya that she should meet Abhi and reconcile with him. Pragya doesn’t think of meeting him. Disha tells her that Abhi is single even now, he didn’t move on with anyone in the last twenty years. Pragya tells her that she knows this already, since Abhi’s love is just entitled to her. She tells Disha that her belief on Abhi’s love is very strong. She recalls their past incident, where Abhi wanted Pragya’s attention and threatened to fall for someone else. Pragya was very much sure that he will not get attracted to any other girl. Pragya tells Disha that Abhi and her love was much true. Abhi could never love anyone else.

She tells that Abhi could have got anyone, since he is much popular among his female fans. The show brings past clips of Pragya-Abhi, Disha-Purab’s moments. Abhi had promised Pragya that he would never give her place to anyone else. Pragya is sure that he would always keep his promise. She recalls her last proper date with Abhi. She feels she also belongs to Abhi forever. She knows they are soulmates.

Recalling the past, she gets a wish to meet Abhi and fall in love with him again. She tells Disha that she wants to get rid of the past baggage and start all over again when she meets Abhi. Disha prays for Pragya and Abhi’s union. Disha likes the idea of having a fresh love story. Pragya wants to have a love story without any mistakes and misunderstandings. Abhi and Pragya are alone, just to remain loyal towards each other. Abhi misses her and wants to meet her once. He makes a wish to see her once. He gets ready to go to meet Prachi and her mum Anuradha. He tells Pragya that he won’t fall for anyone, none can take her place. He wants to promise Pragya that he will always love her.

He gets cute in his talks with Pragya. He wishes Pragya to always be with him. He tells Pragya that Anuradha is a special person, but still she can’t replace her. He doesn’t know Anuradha is Pragya. Abhi learns Rhea’s tantrums. He helps Meera and convinces Rhea. He finds Rhea angry on her mum, who left her in childhood. Abhi knows her anger is justified.

Abhi apologizes to Meera, who bears everything. Pragya gets restless when she senses that she lost Abhi’s picture. Prachi tells her that she hasn’t seen the picture, which flew by wind. Pragya doesn’t want her to see the picture. Sarita questions Pragya about the picture of her husband. Pragya doesn’t show Abhi’s picture to Sarita. Sarita advises Pragya to not hide matters from Prachi. Sarita wishes Pragya unites with her husband. Abhi and Pragya pray to meet during the Ganpati festival. Abhi’s wish gets fulfilled. Abhi gets to meet Pragya and breaks down emotionally.


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